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Driving the GTO all year round...

This is a discussion on Driving the GTO all year round... within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by PatrizioD How DARE you Mark!! If it wasnt for Al Gore we wouldnt have the internet, let ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrizioD View Post
    How DARE you Mark!! If it wasnt for Al Gore we wouldnt have the internet, let alone this website. Who do you think invented the environment? So what if An Inconvenient Truth had somthing like 400 factual errors? By this point, you should be able to tell Im being quite sarcastic. Al should go hunting with Dick Cheney some time. Hell, Cheney should take the new cabinet out....for a day of hunting...
    lol so true......hey man I don't read many books lately, but I can't recomend Glenn Beck's book, "An Inconvenient Book".......had me laughing so hard at times that it brought tears to my eyes

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    Glenn is awesome. I watch him every day on Fox, and listen to him whenever I get the chance on the radio. I mean c'mon, what other news station or host is going to have Ted Nugent doing the bumper music???
    Anyone without a gun and a knife and a handkerchief and a chapstick get the F%$# out of here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ls1fan74 View Post
    Interesting. Any recommendations on good studless snow/ice tires?

    I ran Blizzak LM-25's for two winters. Work great.

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