Don Keefe Canvas Print - GTO vs. GTO

GTO Vs. GTO: The 15th Anniversary Canvas PrintMost Pontiac fans remember the legendary Pontiac-GTO-versus-Ferrari-GTO matchup in the Mar. '64 issue of Car and Driver magazine. The pairing of the two cars never really happened-the Pontiacs used in the article were tested and compared against performance data supplied by Ferrari, along with some cover artwork that showed the two together. It was a great article, but it wasn't until the summer of 1995 that the two met. One of the two Royal Bobcat GTOs actually used in that article met with a genuine V-12-powered Ferrari GTO at the legendary Lime Rock Park in Lime Rock, Connecticut, for a day that would never be forgotten.

Photo Gallery: Don Keefe Canvas Print - 64 Copies - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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