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This is a discussion on Cooling within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I put a 160 T-stat in about a year ago and it went in fine no air pockets nothing. this ...

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    I put a 160 T-stat in about a year ago and it went in fine no air pockets nothing. this T-stat started sticking and i changed it out now i am unable to get the air pockets out. It just idles to 240 and i shut it off. i have tried everything i know and am unable to find any type of bleed screw or anything on my 2005 GTO. I have even let it cool completely and then re-ran it and still no luck.... PLEASE help if you have any ideas

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    From buddy who invented the TC off by default board ....anyway he wrote this up for the 05/06 guys.....
    (1) Unplug the Radiator Fan assembly to keep the car from cooling down.

    (2) Start the car and let it run to heat up the coolant to a point where it is completely heat soaked before and after the radiator. For example, on my car I have a 160 deg thermostat so I will run the car until the coolant temp is 200 deg. This insures that the thermostat will be wide open for the next steps. Turn off the car.

    (3) Using a glove and towel over the radiator cap I will turn it and slowly release it to allow the steam and hot coolant pressure to purge into the overflow tank. You do not want to take the radiator cap all the way off while it is still purging. Wait until it is done purging then remove the radiator cap.

    (4) Add water/coolant to the radiator and squeeze the upper and lower radiator hoses to push out the big air pockets. Once the radiator won’t take any more water I will turn on the electric water pump and repeat the process of adding water/coolant as I squeeze the upper and lower radiator hoses until it won't take any more. I turn off the electric water pump and then install the radiator cap.

    (5) Check the overflow tank coolant level to make sure that it isn't too full or too low. Usually when I do this bleeding process it is too full so I have to drain it to a point where it should be.

    (6) Plug back in the radiator fans and start the car up letting it run until it is maintaining the desired coolant temp. At this point I will disconnect the radiator fans again and let the temp raise to 200 deg, then plug it back in to force the fans to bring the coolant back down to where it should be. This forces the thermostat to run wide open for an extended amount of time.

    (7) Turn off the car and let it sit (usually overnight) until it’s completely cooled back down. Then double check the coolant overflow tank level to see if you have to add or remove coolant as needed. DO NOT touch the radiator cap at any point from now on unless you want to go through this bleeding process again. The radiator and coolant system will be in a vacuum state, while it’s cold, and if you disturb that state by unscrewing the radiator cap it will instantly suck air into the system. Only check the coolant fill level by looking at the dip stick for the overflow container. __________________

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    have you tried just taking the cap off and letting the car idle at temp to purge the air?

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