Hey, so i know about programming mode, but i couldn't find the thread about it in here or any other forum but in reference to that, today i came across a different far more interesting mode. To get to programming mode you just press and hold mode while turning the car to the "on" position but not the car on obviously. I didnt remember that right away so I held both mode and set when turning the ignition to "on".

I scrolled through a bunch of details that contained things such as: version #, ignition voltage, coolant temp, gas remaining, error codes, etc. The very last thing i clicked across turned on every single light and word on the display, as well as had the speed go to 30 or 40 and the rpm up to 5K. (Again the car is not on). So in reading through some of the words and such that lit up it appeared there were many more options available than it made apparent in programming mode.

If anyone has any idea how to use any of these options or any other modes and how to use them can you post on them. Thanks