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Building a Coupe 60

This is a discussion on Building a Coupe 60 within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Bringing it back from the dead anything new??? would love to see some finished pics...

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    Bringing it back from the dead anything new??? would love to see some finished pics

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    I forgot about this thread...I'd like to see an update too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebug View Post
    Not sure where to put this. Seeing as Holden no longer produce the Monaro/GTO, and this concept car by Holden is as close as we'll see to one for a while, I put it in here. Sarge, Orion, feel free to put it somewhere else if I've stuffed up.

    This is not my project, but a guy not too far from me. I'm pretty sure Rattler knows him. He has started with an R8 HSV Clubsport body (Pontiac G8) with the aim to turn it into something like this...

    Click for full size
    Click for full size
    Click for full size
    Click for full size

    Link to the thread here -->

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