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Battery Replacement

This is a discussion on Battery Replacement within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I'm thinking about replacing my battery. Sounds a bit slower on the initial crank. It's an 04 and one of ...

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    Battery Replacement

    I'm thinking about replacing my battery. Sounds a bit slower on the initial crank. It's an 04 and one of the first over here. So, if I P/U battery (Optima), get set up to change it out as fast as possible, will my PCM lose my tune?

    I thought an internal battery was installed that saved memory for a period of time? Only if the vehicle sat for an extended of time and the battery went completely dead would the PCM fall back to original settings?

    I had a 97 Somona (Sport Version) and I make bi-yearly sabbaticals to the west side of the state to go for steelhead (spring) and salmon (fall).

    The battery died. When I finally found somebody to jump the battery it took about 3 minutes to re-learn tables and hold an idle. I'd gone down a two track to get to an isolated area of the river. I go there to get away from all the jerk offs who snag and leave $hit everywhere. Well, a guy in a big ol' 4 x 4 was kinda enough to assist, but he threw my cables in the back of the truck and took off. So I'm still sitt'in in the middle of BF nowhere with my hood up hoping I can keep the thing runnin' until it holds an idle. I've digressed, but after that I make it a point to never let a battery go until it can't crank. I was a mile into nowhere, 5 miles from my room and 10 miles from nearest town that had a bar, gas station and bank.

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    I use the NAPA "version" of the Optima...same damn battery and half the price No your tune will stay put for about 2 years ....

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    Yes as Sarge said your tune will be fine.
    I have also recently put a couple of the Napa Orbital gel type battery's in a couple race cars and had great luck with them.
    Anything has to be better than trying to get a Optima warranty covered. I had a major issue's trying to get that accomplished.
    Another plus about the Napa for me was it's black not red or yellow.

    Don't be afraid of the bottle!!! Be afraid of your tune!!!

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