LS2GTO.COM posted a cruise for this Sat (Jan 28)

Just wanted to know if anyone is going...if you havent heard about the cruise here are the details

The list is 24 Goats and a number of F-bodies.

If you didnt know about this cruise..I hope ALL of you guys show will be alot of fun.

If you have any questions about the cruse fell free to ask me.

Lets go have some fun guys.....

Date Jan. 28 2006

Ok here is the route......

Meet at the I 15 and the 76. from there go east on the 76, until we hit the 79, from there go north on the 79 until
it takes us all the way to temecula, The cruise will end at Pechanga Resort & Casino, for lunch and maybe some fun in the casino!!!!! we can then disperse from there

i drove this route but backwards last thur. and it was beautiful!!!!!!!

We are going to meet at the gas station on the west side of the 15...... at (9:00am) it is just about the only thing in that area, so you will have no problem finding it........ i think its a mobil gas station..... if you need help, pm me......