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Another 2005 GTO encounter!

This is a discussion on Another 2005 GTO encounter! within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I was heading home from work this evening when to my surprise I was driving next to another 2005 GTO. ...

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    Another 2005 GTO encounter!

    I was heading home from work this evening when to my surprise I was driving next to another 2005 GTO. I have had a previous encounter with an 05 in which I was able to win easily on 3 runs from a dig. We played around on the high way a little and he told me to pull off to chat. He had a stock manual GTO and I of course drive an auto. He also had heard that the auto was faster from a dig. So we decided to try it out!

    From a dig I was able to pull about 1 car on him. Not as much as my previous experience but I realized that this guy was a much better driver. Next we decided to go from a 20mph roll. I was able to jump out on him again, but at about 100mph he began to pull on me about 1 car length.

    What I can conclude from this experience is that the A4 is faster from the dig, but the M6 will win any high speed highway battle. I also believe that the M6 is slightly faster, but because the A4 is a 4-speed, and the M6 is much harder to drive because of the long throws of the shifter, the A4 should win at the track?

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    Yup....put a stall in your and tell him goodbye

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    I have not seen an A4 or driven one. Is there that much of a difference? I have been curious to read the stats on the A4 but have been unsucessfull in finding a write-up about them. I know that the best driver in the world can't shift as quick as an auto, but manuals are sure fun to drive

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    Hey hey, this is Mike, I'm the one you were racing.

    Moat2005.... thanks for the races. Those were fun, I haven't really had any yet on the street with the goat. My poor winter tires (Blizzaks) weren't meant to take that beating

    I love the M6 but for sure it takes far more attention and a mistake free run to compete. If I was buying my car stricktly for the track an auto would be the ONLY way to go for sure. The auto allows for one mod that the manual can never have.... a high stall. The M6 is much more fun to drive on the road though. I can always have it in the gear I want coming out of corners....etc...

    Hopefully I'll see you around Indy more this summer after I get back from Cali.
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    Those differences you relay can be easily attributed to reaction time. You sure you were not jumping the gun during those races.
    With the proper clutch, Rear end, and tires a 6000 rpm lauch will always leave your "converter" car behind at the track.

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