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30 Min Radar Detector Hardwire Solution

This is a discussion on 30 Min Radar Detector Hardwire Solution within the GTO forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; This works for 04/05/06 GTO's. Well the cord sucks donkey balls as you all know on the 04's the 12v ...

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    30 Min Radar Detector Hardwire Solution

    This works for 04/05/06 GTO's.
    Well the cord sucks donkey balls as you all know on the 04's the 12v cigg lighter is in the center console. So I figured this morning would be a good day to eliminate that damn cord. I also wanted power that shut off automatically so I don't forget to shut the detector off and run the battery down. I went to the other GTO sight and saw a bunch of "run the cable down the A Pillar and into the fuse box..."...I didn't like I used the passenger side vanity mirror 12v as it shuts off automatically after 10 minutes anyway. Now I am not a fancy pretty boy so I know many of you can do a cleaner job than I.....but looks very good and works like a here are a few pics and step by step for those thinking of hardwiring your radar/laser detector. For this job I had a spare Whistler Radar/Laser Detector so I used that.

    I went to Home Depot and got these telephone wire splicers. You can shove 3 wires in there and just crimp the thing cuts through the insulation so no splicing required....cost like $2.50.....These are all you will need....

    I pulled the fuse for the interior one there on the first row on the left 3rd one down...10 amp...

    To remove the visor it takes a #15 Torx...two screws.....Connector is shoved up in there so just pull it out and it drops down....

    I cut the cigg adapter doohickey off my radar detector cord....No need to skin the insulation as the connectors you bought punches through it...

    Go ahead and mount your detector where you want it. Plug your cord in and run your cord in the space between the headliner and the windshield...lots of it over to where your gonna splice and cut it. You can cram any slack you may have after splicing up in the hole this pic it is sorta slack looking....

    You will see coming out of the visor you have a red and a black wire.....My detector had a white and a red wire....of course white-black and red-red....some of you guy's detectors will probably have red and black...but of course white always goes to black.... so just splice them using the connectors....If you want the mirror light to work just hold it up and stick that wire in one of the three slots of the connector....I said screw it I don't let anybody ride in the GTO that has to look at themselves in the mirror so I just spliced the detector in.....but you can have both....
    Test it here before you re-install the visor...put your fuse back in and turn the key on...your detector should fire up......

    Pull any slack back toward the splice and gently push it all back into the hole and re-install the careful and don't tighten the shit out of it cuz your wire is there now...but you can tighten her down wont be loose at all.....

    That's it more cord hanging all over everywhere and the detector will now shut off automatically after 10 minutes......easy as hell and less than 30 minutes.....I took a little tie wrap and wrapped the cord to the rear view mirror arm....just so in case the suction cups give out the detector will just hang from the mirror and not pull all my cord out of the headliner.....clean install.....cant see any cord except the little bit that goes from the detector to the headliner.....

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    yep i did the same back in sept. only i put my radar where your center gauges are on the dash. i just wired mine to the cig lighter fuse. very nice n simple. and then i tucked the wire under the dash. looks professionally installed and very happy w it
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    Yup....cords hanging all over everywhere sorta sucks.

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