2007 GTOAA Northeast Regional Meet
Pontiac aficionados are certainly a diverse group. Some prefer to restore their rides to factory original perfection, right down to date-coded parts and assembly marks. Others choose a less stringent approach to their project. They opt for the flexibility to make some modifications and put part of themselves into their Pontiacs. Many crave the look of glistening chrome surrounding stacked headlights. Still others embrace the power and technology afforded by modern LS-powered beasts.
Each August in New Jersey, a huge canvas of tarmac is painted with these diverse offerings. There was truly something for everyone as the 18th annual GTOAA Northeast Regional Meet came to life. Hosted by the Garden State GTOs, sponsored by Jim Salerno Pontiac/GMC,of Randolph, New Jersey, and held August 24-26, 2007, this was an event not to be missed. The setting for this masterpiece was once again the Parsippany Hilton Hotel. The event spanned an entire weekend and hosted over 170 classic Pontiacs of all models and featured both Popular Vote classes for the bulk of show participants as well as one of the most respected Concours judging teams in the country.
The show began late Friday as returning regulars and newcomers began to fill the lot and check in for the weekend. For many, that afternoon was spent detailing cars and bench-racing, while others enjoyed the Hilton's fabulous facilities. A slightly cloudy but rain-free evening prevailed as club members set up the parking lot. The facility provides a large secure parking area with a police patrol at night throughout the entire weekend. As dusk fell, the traditional parking lot party, hosted by the Garden State GTOs, got underway. The Symphonics, a local oldies band, provided entertainment as everyone enjoyed delicious food prepared by Garden State GTO members Frank and Jackie Olandesi. Soon it was time to retire and rest up for the big show on Saturday.
Electricity filled the air (and luckily no rain!) Saturday morning as droves of beautiful Pontiacs began arriving for the start of registration at 8:00 a.m. By 11:00 a.m., the once barren asphalt became a sea of brilliant colors for the hundreds of showgoers to enjoy. The efficient and experienced registration staff made sure all who came were properly registered in short order. After registering, all were escorted to their parking spots by the accommodating parking staff, ensuring all cars were correctly placed in their categories.
Popular voting began as people strolled countless rows of pristine Pontiacs, finding it hard to decide which ones they liked best! One class with no such dilemma was the Winners Circle. Last year's First Place winners are parked separately and given a plaque, offering more chances for other entries to take home a trophy.
A D.J. provided music all day, sharing his microphone with Joe Lounsberry, who announced door-prize giveaways. The rain-free afternoon was quite warm, as is expected for any August event. Not to worry, though, cool refreshments and tasty sandwiches were provided right in the show lot by Hilton staff for hungry and thirsty car buffs.
Meanwhile, one corner of the show was filled with yellow staff shirts as Concours judges swarmed over some of the finest Pontiacs on the planet. Correctness was the order of the day in this arena as hairsplitting details separated winners from losers. Meticulous restoration paid off, however, as many Gold, Silver, and Bronze award winners can attest.
Those presently working on projects or seeking that special part for their Pontiac certainly appreciated the vendor area at the show's entrance. Performance Years and Ames were on-hand, as well as a mix of smaller vendors, providing hard-to-locate parts and literature as well as Pontiac memorabilia.
Popular voting ended at 2:30 p.m., but that was just the start for our volunteer tabulators. As the afternoon sun began to descend lower in the horizon, Saturday-only attendees regrettably went on their way as those who remained prepared for the evening's celebrations.
The crowning jewel of the event was the banquet dinner. Those who attended were treated to something special. As banquet goers enjoyed a delicious array of food provided by the Hilton, they anxiously awaited the presentation from this year's guest speaker, Paul Zazarine. Much to their delight, Paul's presentation was preceeded by an informative and entertaining question-and-answer session from none other than John Sawruk! That's right, we were fortunate to have both John and Paul at this year's event so John offered to kill a little time before the meal. Everyone had some challenging technical questions, which he answered in his unique style. It seemed we could have gone all night picking John's brain, but it was Paul's turn.
Paul graced us with a video presentation, which he narrated, charting the history of Pontiac in its golden days. After this, the doors were opened to all for the Popular Vote and Concours Awards. So many '04-'06 GTOs attended this event that the class was split into Stock and Modified to accommodate them. We look forward to this class growing each year. On Sunday morning, it was time to pack up as club members helped clear the lot and waved goodbye 'til next year.
To register for the '08 show, check The Garden State GTO's Web site (www.garden-state-gtos.org) in the early spring for printable registration forms, and remember to register early to ensure banquet seating. For questions, contact Harold Murray through the Web site.
Special thanks: The Garden State GTOs would like to thank its members and other clubs' members who helped organize and run this year's show. Special thanks is also extended to Charles Miller for coordinating all the committees necessary for an event this size; Connie Scotellaro for tabulating the Concours judging sheets; and to Delaware Valley Old Goats Club for its support.
Concours ResultsOwnerCarBest Of Show ConcoursRick Mahoney'70 Red Judge convertible 349 of 350 PointsGoldJohn Baratta'67 Cameo Ivory conv.John Cartier'66 Montero Red conv.Ed Rowe'67 Blue H.O. conv.Ron Hambrecht'69 Carousel Red JudgeMark Simiele'69 Warwick Blue conv.Steve Kiellar'65 BurgundyRick Mahoney'70 Red Judge conv.SilverSal Pirruccio'66 Barrier Blue Gary Stavac'67 Black CoupeMarc Komorsky'68 April Gold Frank Platt'65 Nightwatch Blue conv.BronzeBob Desio'70 Mint Turquoise conv.Harry Santa'65 Red
Popular Voting Results continuedPlaceOwnerVehicle Trophy SponsorBest of Show Popular Vote1stKenny Colacino&lsquo;63 Black Catalina Garden State GTOsPlaceOwnerVehicle Trophy Sponsor&rsquo;64 GTO</strong>3rdLindsey CarteWhite conv.Electric City GTOs2ndRay MarinoRed conv.Electric City GTOs1stMatthew RitterGrayElectric City GTOs&rsquo;65 GTO3rdRich GioiaBlack conv.Roofing Sales Company2ndLouis LivriaIris MistRoofing Sales Company1stDoug LairdTealRoofing Sales Company&rsquo;66 GTO3rdSteve DitullioBurgundy conv.Pioneer Valley GTO Club2ndJim EyerGold/black Pioneer Valley GTO Club1stLarry WykerPalmetto conv.Pioneer Valley GTO Club&rsquo;67 GTO3rdJoe PortagalloRed Ted Constandelis, D.D.S. &ldquo;Dr. Tooth&rdquo;2ndEd BurnsTurquoiseTed Constandelis, D.D.S. &ldquo;Dr. Tooth&rdquo;1stMaureen RossiBlack conv.Ted Constandelis, D.D.S. &ldquo;Dr. Tooth&rdquo;&rsquo;68 GTO3rdJohn DeWitteBlueElectric City GTO Club2ndBob CorazziniRed Electric City GTO Club1stAndrew KearBlue Electric City GTO Club&rsquo;69 GTO3rdBob Schweitzer Jr.Blue Wittig Legutko Insurance2ndBob SerraoGray conv.Wittig Legutko Insurance1stChuck AnlasRed Wittig Legutko Insurance&rsquo;70 GTO3rdDoug WaymerYellow conv.Packard Industries2ndAndrew AsaroGreen conv.Packard Industries1stBob MollinaryRed conv.Packard Industries
Popular Voting Results continuedPlaceOwnerVehicleTrophy Sponsor&rsquo;71-&rsquo;74 GTO3rdRussel Kurtz&lsquo;72 Yellow conv.Royal GTO Club2ndRay Kelly&lsquo;71 Red conv.Royal GTO Club1stCarmine Annunziata&lsquo;74 RedRoyal GTO Club&rsquo;69-&rsquo;71 Judge3rdGreg Serico&lsquo;69 Carousel RedNorth American Pfister2ndJeff Legutko&lsquo;71 WhiteNorth American Pfister1stMatt Patmer&lsquo;69 Red conv.North American Pfister&rsquo;64-&rsquo;67 GTO Modified3rdWilliam Zisa&lsquo;67 BlueGTO Association of Pa.2ndFrank Hansen&lsquo;64 RedGTO Association of Pa.1stDale Localio&lsquo;67 RedGTO Association of Pa.&rsquo;68-&rsquo;74 GTO Modified3rdPhil Avelo&lsquo;69 BlackDelaware Valley Old Goats Club2ndScott Fischer&lsquo;69 TangerineDelaware Valley Old Goats Club1stHarold Murray&lsquo;68 BlueDelaware Valley Old Goats Club&rsquo;04-&rsquo;06 GTO Stock3rdTodd Stoffel&rsquo;06 BlueRoxbury Automotive2ndBob Murray&rsquo;06 OrangeRoxbury Automotive1stLinda Miterko&rsquo;06 OrangeRoxbury Automotive&rsquo;04-&rsquo;06 GTO Modified3rdBob Hamblen&rsquo;04 YellowPaul Miller Automotive2ndKurt Bergantini&rsquo;04 BlackPaul Miller Automotive1stSteve Morton&rsquo;06 SilverPaul Miller Automotive&rsquo;61-&rsquo;67 Tempest/LeMans A-Body3rdKelly Murray&lsquo;66 LeMans 4-doorLuke&rsquo;s Auto Service2ndRory Temple&lsquo;66 Green LeMansLuke&rsquo;s Auto Service1stPhil Spare&lsquo;66 Black LeMansLuke&rsquo;s Auto Service&rsquo;68-&rsquo;74 LeMans/ Tempest A-Body3rdJohn Schwedhelm&lsquo;72 Gold LeMansSusquehanna Valley GTO Tigers2ndFrancis Teller&lsquo;68 Blue TempestSusquehanna Valley GTO Tigers1stMike Crocetti&lsquo;70 Green LeMansSusquehanna Valley GTO Tigers
Popular Voting Results continuedPlaceOwnerVehicleTrophy Sponsor&rsquo;67-&rsquo;81 T/A Firebird F-Body3rdSteve Spotaro'68 Blue Firebird conv.Allied Building Products2ndLynn Gray'70 White T/AAllied Building Products1stGary Trombino'73 Red T/AAllied Building Products&rsquo;82-up T/A Firebird F-Body3rdBrian Rowe'88 Red T/AAmes Performance Engineering2ndJohn Greco'02 Red FirehawkAmes Performance Engineering1stCris Doria'94 White T/AAmes Performance EngineeringAll Open Pontiac3rdJohn Cappelmann'61 White Bonne conv.Old Stillwater Garage2ndLouis Carpenter'62 Black Grand PrixOld Stillwater Garage1stKenny Colacino'63 Black Catalina Old Stillwater GarageIn Progress3rdWilliam Black'68 Primer Denville Bear and Body Works2ndAlan Stack'66 GTO coupeDenville Bear and Body Works1stConnie Scotellaro'78 White T/ADenville Bear and Body WorksWinner Circle'04-'06 GTOJohn Vilardi'05 SilverPerformance Years'69 GTOEd SaundersBlue conv.Performance Years'65 GTOEd JarusiewiczBurgundy conv. '68 GTOTom CookRed Long Distance Award Under Own Power1stSteve Morton'06-from Mass.Nostalgia MotorsPresident&rsquo;s Award1stFrancis Teller'68 Sprint 6 TempestGazzani Motors

Photo Gallery: 2007 GTOAA Northeast Regional Meet - High Performance Pontiac

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