2006 B-O-P Fall Regional Meet
No one was prepared for a temperature of 74 degrees on Saturday, November 11, 2006, but none who attended the Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac Fall (B-O-P) Regional Meet were complaining, either. You may remember this event as the Pontiac Fall Nationals of previous years, but in 2006, the show and race that usually marks the last hurrah of the Northeast show season decided to share the day with Buicks and Oldsmobiles as well. Hosted by the Delaware Valley Old Goat Club at Atco Raceway in Atco, New Jersey, the event was renamed the B-O-P Fall Regional Meet, and GM's Flint and Lansing-born musclecars and luxoliners were welcomed.
The 135 show cars were judged by Delaware Valley Old Goat Club members and, to avoid any conflict, the additional 27 host club vehicles were in a separate class with the Top Ten chosen by participant balloting. This is a great concept that thwarts any questions about or the appearance of favoritism in the judging. At the same time, host club cars are not unfairly excluded from participating in the event.
On the dragstrip, 68 B-O-P racers competed for payouts that were based on the number of participants. Since the race usually draws 100+ racers, those payouts were less than usual, but the way that they were tabulated was clearly explained in the show flier. Nevertheless, the racers who did attend put on a good show of smoky burnouts and low consistent e.t.'s for the fans and family alike.
What this event lacked in overall numbers, it made up for in variety and quality of cars on hand. Not only were there some great Buick and Olds models, but the Pontiac faithful held up its end of the bargain with some stunning examples of the breed, not to mention the fact that it seemed to be a homecoming for past and future HPP feature cars.
On the resto front, Kenny Colacino's '63 421 Super-Duty Catalina post sedan, replete with a factory-installed aluminum front end, made its first appearance at a Pontiac event after an extensive restoration. Attention to detail in this Pontiac is phenomenal and the car drew a crowd all day. It was also photographed for a future HPP feature. Mark Amodei's beautifully restored '68 GTO, which graced the June '07 HPP cover was photographed at this event as well.
Modifieds were on hands as always. Bill Bolin's '70 double-blown GTO Pro Streeter (HPP's Feb. '07 cover story) was fresh from a calendar photo session. Jason Seger's blown and multicolor-flamed '99 T/A also participated and was the Nov. '06 HPP cover story. Eddie Barra's heavily modified '86 Trans Am made the trip from upstate New York. This Pontiac was featured in HPP in the past, but has since undergone a complete transformation after a devastating accident a few years ago. It won Best of Show laurels at HPP Day in 2006 and was a winner again at this event for Best Modified.
There was even more to see than these great restorations and modifieds. Super low-mileage originals and other wild home-built combos-like a '76 Grand Prix-El Camino, a '57 Chieftain, and a '61 Tempest wagon packing a Ram Air V engine-illustrated the imagination and talent of Pontiac hobbyists.
By the end of the day, everyone was ready to see how they fared in judging, and wanted to take a chance at the auction and door prizes that awaited a few lucky participants. Despite the fact that the event was a success in the B-O-P format, it wasn't the huge draw that the track was hoping for. In fact, there were 162 cars on the show field this year, including all makes, and there were 160 Pontiacs last year. That, coupled with a drop in racer attendance, has resulted in Atco going back to the all-Pontiac format for 2007.
Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 10, so you can attend the 10th Annual Pontiac Fall Nationals Show & Go. You are guaranteed to see some of the best Pontiacs the Northeast has to offer and the organizational abilities of the Delaware Valley Old Goat Club at work to make the day run as smoothly as possible.
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2006 B-O-P Fall Regional Meet ResultsPONTIAC WINNERS ONLYSpecial AwardsBest PontiacKen Colacino, '63 Catalina Super-DutyBest New GenEd Kozinski, '91 Firebird FormulaBest ModifiedEddie Barra, '86 Trans AmDirector's ChoiceBill Bolin, '70 GTOStock Full Size up to 1959Class ChampionMichael Priest, '35 Doctor's CoupeClass WinnerJohn Contrevo, '58 BonnevilleClass WinnerJack Fitzharris, '57 Star ChiefStock Full Size 1960 - 1969Class ChampionJoe Bernauer, '66 BonnevilleClass WinnerRay Schwedhelm, '62 CatalinaStock Full Size 1970 and upClass ChampionWayne Guy, '70 Catalina 2+2Stock Grand Prix, Riviera, Toronado to 1981Class ChampionGeorge Hirn, '80 Grand PrixClass WinnerTony Canino, '65 Grand PrixClass WinnerChris Maurer, '67 Grand PrixStock Midsize & Compact 1961 - 1969Class ChampionJ.R. Teller, '68 TempestClass WinnerStan Kaminski, '68 LeMansStock Midsize & Compact 1970-upClass ChampionRich Miller, '73 Grand AmStock Firebird & T/A 1967 - 1981Class ChampionMalcolm Myers, '76 T/AClass WinnerMike Genovese, '69 T/AClass WinnerMichael Daughen, '79 T/AClass WinnerDavid Anderson, '79 FormulaClass WinnerJohn Arends, '78 T/AStock Firebird & T/A 1982 - 2002Class ChampionMatthew Scardino, '02 T/AClass WinnerJoe Ziomek, '96 Comp T/AClass WinnerJonathan Settrella, '94 T/AClass WinnerDave Bryant, '01 T/AClass WinnerPar Dibert, '02 T/AStock FWD All ModelsClass WinnerKate Boucher, '03 Grand AmClass WinnerHeather Sliney, '05 Grand AmStock Musclecar 1964 - 1965Class ChampionJoe Amechi, '64 GTOStock Musclecar 1966 - 1967Class ChampionJoe Portagallo, '67 GTOClass WinnerJim Eyer, '66 GTOClass WinnerLarry Wyker, '66 GTOClass WinnerEd Burns, '67 GTOStock Musclecar 1968 - 1969Class ChampionTom Cook, '68 GTOClass WinnerBrent Lehman, '68 GTOClass WinnerFrank Messick, '69 GTOClass WinnerTom Barrett, '69 GTOClass WinnerMike Mallin, '69 GTOStock Musclecar 1970 - 1980Class WinnerTommy Vito '70 GTOGTO & Solstice 2004-upClass ChampionWesley Gumb, '05 GTOClass WinnerConstance Wehite, '05 GTOClass WinnerBill Hyde, '07 SolsticeModified Full-size, Mid-size, CompactClass ChampionJim Pickett, '61 Tempest SWClass ChampionEd Roskey, '33 Pontiac SedanClass WinnerDan Zikoski, '57 ChieftainClass WinnerJohn Klaiss, '70 BonnevilleClass WinnerWilliam Tanis, '87 Fiero GTModified Firebird & T/AClass ChampionJason Seger, '99 T/AClass WinnerTim Kowalik, '84 FirebirdClass WinnerMichael Schenk, '69 FirebirdClass WinnerSteve Spataro, '68 FirebirdModified Musclecar 1964 - 1969Class ChampionFrank Aubley, '67 GTOClass WinnerDave Hawkins, '65 GTOClass WinnerJoe Bednarek, '68 GTOModified FWD All ModelsClass ChampionJenn Miller, '02 Grand PrixClass WinnerMike Ancona, '04 Grand AmClass WinnerJason Scandurra, '00 Grand AmTop Ten Delaware Valley Old Goat Club VehiclesJoe Bartha'67 GTO convertibleChuck Catalano '66 GTO hardtopJohn Bertino'67 GTO post coupeBob Price'69 GTO hardtopSteve Laughlin'73 GTO sport coupeTony Czarzasty '64 GTO convertibleLarry Metzger '68 GTO hardtopMike Hagan'67 GTO hardtopMike Haigh '70 GTO hardtopVincent DeMarco '68 GTO hardtop

Photo Gallery: 2006 B-O-P Fall Regional Meet - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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