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Easy test to discern whether it's cluth or synchro, or both.
Shift into 1st gear on smooth, flat ground. If the car eases forward slightly or jerks forward for that matter you can say with near certainty that it is, at least in part, an issue with the cluth.

If the scenario is different, with no easing forward or movement, but is followed by a clunking sound...
I think you get the idea.
Hope that helps!
Another good test:

Shift into any forward gear with the car turned off. Notice the pressure required to engage the gear, along with the sound it makes. Put the shifter in neutral. Push the clutch in and start the car, keeping the clutch held in. Without engaging the clutch (keep it held down) shift into the same gear you just engaged when you had the car off. If it is difficult to engage, makes a grind, or you can feel significant resistance, the clutch is dragging.