1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible - Plum Mist-Ifying

Want A Show-Stopper That You'll Love To Own? Get A Rare-Color GTO And Build It The Way You Want To.Very few '67 GTOs were produced in Plum Mist, this gorgeous and rare color, but Bill Kirk of Canton, Mississippi, had to have this one. His plan didn't stop there, however. He wanted a Ram Air ragtop loaded with options, but since these Goats are so scarce-only 56 Ram Air convertible '67 GTOs were built-Bill realized that finding such a Pontiac in a rare color was very unlikely. Instead, he decided to purchase a nicely-optioned, uniquely-hued, numbers-matching '67 335-horse drop-top four-speed GTO and build it into his version of a Ram Air dream car. By adding a factory Ram Air pan and exhaust manifolds, and other rare options, his Pontiac has become "plum mystifying."

Photo Gallery: 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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