1966 Pontiac GTO - Nomadic Goat

After A Long Hiatus, This Tiger Gold Goat Finally Receives The Attention It Has Always DeservedAfter owning over 100 Pontiacs, how can any one of them be so special to Andre Rayman that he's kept it for nearly three decades? He says that his isn't just any Pontiac: It's a special-order Tiger Gold, Tri-Power, four-speed, 3.55 Safe-T-Track, '66 GTO that still has its numbers-matching drivetrain. Following over 20 years of stockpiling NOS and good used parts, and a year of restoration and subtle modification, his golden Goat is on the road and out at the shows. But this story begins when Second-GenT/As could be had with turbos, a can of Coke was 50 cents, and playing Space Invaders on your Atari 2600 capped a perfect Saturday night.

Photo Gallery: 1966 Pontiac GTO - High Performance Pontiac

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