1962 Pontiac Bonneville - Bonne Be Good

A Factory Four-Speed And Owner-Added 3x2s Make This Big-Car Stand OutSay the words "389 and a four-speed," and if you're like most Pontiac purists, you're going to have fond memories of a tire-burning, tiger-growling GTO. In 1962, however, two model years before the GTO was born, if you wanted Pontiac's coveted engine combo in your brand-new Poncho, you had only two choices: a fullsize Catalina or an even bigger Bonneville. Truth be told, most buyers who wanted to row their own gears opted for the popular entry-level Catalina, especially after seeing NASCAR greats like Fireball Roberts, Cotton Owens, David Pearson, Marvin Panch, and Jack Smith campaign their Catalinas to help Pontiac dominate the superspeedways. Those in-the-know, however, found refuge in the fact that if they really wanted to stir their trans manually while in the lap of luxury, the Bonneville could be ordered with a synchromesh transmission.

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