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This is a discussion on ZR-1 within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I guess this is a place to tell this. I just got back from running up to home depot for ...

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    I guess this is a place to tell this. I just got back from running up to home depot for some wood. so i'm driving my 68 and i pull up next to this yellow c4 vette. I looked over at the guy and he's admiring my truck and he asked for a rev so i shot him one. He then shot one back and i had to take a deeper look because it just didn't sound like a normal vette. So i got him to pull over. sure as shit it was a zr-1 with the dual over head cam motor. I didn't race him but jesus i didn't realize their were many of these around and let alone driven. Apparently what i heard which may need correction. the motor in the zr-1 has a lifetime warranty for the original owner? He said it was his 2nd motor since he got the vette. Serious piece of work this vette was it had a great sound through his magnaflow exhaust.

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    The old zr-1's are rare and an exotic considering the motor design. I can't see there being a lifetime guarentee though.

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    I am pretty sure there is no lifetime warranty on the LT5 engine. It is definitely a sweet ass machine though. A friend of mine works on those for a living, pretty much any corvette/viper or whatever but A BUNCH of his work is ZR1/LT5's He built a 408 LT5 a while back and put his head/cam package on it with the B&B exhaust and that was one of the sickest sounding cars I have ever heard. I want one just for that sound. They are very rare, but I see them all the time at his shop.

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