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Z-24 kills eclipse

This is a discussion on Z-24 kills eclipse within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; i was reading how some of you have wives and gf's that hate when you race. i feel your pain. ...

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    Z-24 kills eclipse

    i was reading how some of you have wives and gf's that hate when you race. i feel your pain. my wife hated me playing in her 99 z-24 cav until this punk at work finally got to her. hes the tipical want to be racer that can only handle a 4 banger. you know the ram hood,the neons,the huge tach,all the goodies. well after a few weeks of ragging my wife had enough thank god! it late about a year ago we're coming home from dinner and i see this (98)mitsu coming up on me. i play it cool tring not to piss her off(i want some later).and its the punk! he pulls up and off the light. i'm still cool.after a few lights shes had enough. out of nowhere she gives him the finger and like in the movies she looks to me and said "SMOK HIM!" so i drop it in 1 and we're off its close i bump it to 2nd and hes fadin back after i hit D hes 2-3 cars back and around 95 she said that good. i look back and hes hittin the brakes and takes the next street. you know wHat happens when she sees him the excuses start pouring. needless to say my wife has no problems with me racing now,and shes even taken an few kills on her own. but now that i've upgraded from a mini-z to a 2000 z-28. i'll let you know how the stangs around the house hold up to the new Z later! brandon
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