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Your BEST Get Away Story!

This is a discussion on Your BEST Get Away Story! within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; KSP just got a 200k bonus for their summer "speed blitz". Passed one of those bastards doing 80 . He ...

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    KSP just got a 200k bonus for their summer "speed blitz". Passed one of those bastards doing 80 . He was on the side of the road... lights down.. anyway, ebrake up one notch, nuetral, headlights off, car off, car on, back down in drive. Haul ass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad5150 View Post
    one time in the 99 v6 a4 stang i had before my t/a, it was 11pm, just got off work, no one on roads, decided to gun it, got up to 90 in a 45, and the only damn car in sight is a cop, i cant tell until e passes right byme and i see him cut a U, i keepgoing, his lights dissapear for a while, then i decide if i get caught my ass is grass, my license would be gone(i was turning 17 that weekend, which would give me full license but i was stll 16 with a restricted license) so i stopped he came up blaring siren, told me to get hand out of window, very scary..close to 400 dollar ticket 6 pts. if it had not been reduced i wouldve lost license since it hapened when i was 16. they reduced it to 4 pts 170 or something. this is why i dont race or do stupid shit, its not worth it. and if i need to own someone i never go above 100, but i dont ever race race, i may speed by somericer or jerk thats being an ass. im 17 i drive an awesome car so i should respect it, i want to keep it litterally forever and share it with my kids.
    somebody allowed you to get a T/A after getting a 4 point violation at 16 years old? wow....somebody was getting RAPED on insurance.

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    LoL check this "high speed chase" that started in my wonderful town of lewisburg.....And I was wondering why their cop suv was at the body shop. READ THE COMMENTS.....I totally agree it is pathetic how the cops around here love high speed chases.......just gets people hurt. And they can't catch mature people that actually can drive. Talking from experience here.

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