Well guys, last night I had an incredible freeway run on the way home. I crusin' 110 north in los angeles toward downtown just listening to my music and I roll up on a 35th anniversary ss, didn't see it till I got right up on it but I wasn't feeling anxious so I just got in the next lane and passed by not a fly by or a fast manuever. All of a sudden the guy comes up on the side and drops gear and takes off cutting through three cars so I say "fuck it I didn't do anything, he just wanted to take off first, or floss, but wrong person dude not me I go hard" so I take off after him cutting the same cars but from the far left lane so were dodging through a couple of cars till I take the lead we ran up on a truck and I split to the right and he splits left and ran up behind a car so I take the lead by at least 5-6 lengths hit my flashers and let him catch up again. We start at a 50 roll and I take him again by 4 just in wide open drag by the time we get to the 101 I hit the flashers again for the third race so he can catch up and damn he no where to be found he hopped off the freeway cuz he was embarassed but one thing amazes me I don't roll with a club yet and there are a lot of them here in l.a. And the last three races with club members I have had I have one yet they don't see to recruit here unless you have a candy paint and 22inch rims, two things I refuse to do .