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WS6 vs WS6

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    WS6 vs WS6

    Let me set the scene for you.

    Me and my buddy just installed my Pro 5.0 shifter w/ Lou's short stick. And added a drop in K&N. Then we washed and waxed my car (it desperately needed it)

    We took her for a spin, to check out the new shifter. (Which I like a lot)

    After a quick cruise,I drop my buddy off and head home.

    I am going about 60 mph and what do I see....

    a Beautiful Black WS6 coming up behind me. Driver looked 25-30 year old guy with his girl friend in the passenger seat. Man his car was well kept. It was very clean and shiny.

    I down shift to fourth and waited. He goes by me at about 70- 75 -- So I took the bate. I shifted into third and tires chirp and I am off to catch up.

    before we could get side by side he gunned it, I know because his exhaust drowned mine out-- (it was LOUD)

    I passed him by the end of third, and put about 1.25 cars on him by the middle of fourth. I dunno maybe 115 ish.. I put on the brakes, he pulls up beside me and gave the nod and the A-Okay sign with his hand, I gave him the thumbs up and we went on our way.

    I was proud of my ride today.

    Only mods I have is..
    KN drop in
    SLP lid
    magna flow cat back
    Pro 5.0

    BTW---My definition of a car length is (if his front bumper is at my rear bumper that is 1 car.)

    He was between .25 and .50 car length off my bumper.

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    New addition to the story

    Let me embelish the story a bit to see if more responses flow in?

    So-- I was at this light w/ another LS1 WS6, and this dude's g/f flashed me and blew me a kiss, -- Then she said you can have me if you can keep up. I drop my car in Zero gear (yeah, I just got it installed bro, it is awesome)--- I pulled on him like he was in reverse,

    I spun around like Paul Walker in F&F2 on the freeway, threw it in reverse and flipped her boyfriend off.

    I whip it back around and throw it in 2nd gear, and match his speed. We both had our T-Tops down, and his G/F jumped from his car to mine, landing on my lap. Strattling me. She started kissing my neck. That is when I noticed her breath was kicking like a three-legged ninja-- so I threw her out my car going about 60 mph-- Lucky for her she had those shoes with the rollers on them, and she skated to saftey.

    A cop saw it all, and pulled me over, and instead of giving me a ticket, He gave me a get out of jail free card and said that was the coolest thing he had ever seen.

    It was rad!

    PS- I beat a 04 Cobra pullied and w/ A CAI and tune.


    Okay so I am bored.

    My street encounters never seem to elicit remarks, or spark conversation on this board.

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    now that's more like it! (kidding) Good kill (first story lol).

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    first one sounded fine to me lol

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA...this thread is great. I saw abotu 5 seconds of FF2 last night and it pissed me off, i was just flipping through channels too. I really think paul walker's voice makes me grind my teeth subconsciously

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    nice kill
    just one thing was the girl hot because you know they do make breath mints

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    The original story was a good kill! Don't get me wrong, the second story wasn't too shabby either LOL...Congrats!

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