When I had my LT-1, full exhaust, intake and tuned I was pulling on an on ramp to the highway behind an sti, I'd say an 04 (With the big scoop), I knew the race was coming. Once we hit the ramp he gunned it and I did, Just kept my front end on his rear bumper, soon as we hit the highway pushed right past him, no chance.

Funniest one ever!

My friend in his "pimped" Audi A4 races some decked out neon srt4 on the way home from the beach. I decided I wasn't going to race. They got about 250 feet in front of me and I changed my mind. Downshift, they were going about 120, needless to say I passed them going over 150 *Not on public roads of course err, anyways, the neon racerboy watched me fly by him. Later when I was driving normal he flew by me randomly and stared, as if he just showed me. It was funny.