Going to a car show last weekend, and my friend & I are seeing all kinds of rides around us, about that time we hear pipes and that is like a magnet to me. Pull up next to a beautiful 69 conv. Firebird. So im trying to get him to run me, I look over and its a friend, he tells me he just bought on E-bay for 18,000 Formula 400 Firebird 69 at this point he starts telling me that this T/A behind him wants me. Sure enough hes back there acting out, so Firebird nails it, but even then the thrill overtakes me and I downshift & juice it. Got him befor I shifted to third. Well the T/A is beside me now rapping pipes, and it sounds GOOD.To be honest I second guessed my self for a min. Pull up to a red and now that feeling takes over, Launch right, ease into it. Light turns green, And I do a perfect start,didnt even know where he was, didnt even see him til next light. Where he pulls almost out into traffic so not to sit across from me. Light turns green and he nails it, like hes racing someone. [youngsters, sometimes I dont know what to think of them] My goat has afew bolt ons But it runs like there is no tomorrow. Well thats my story and im sticking to it. OH NEVER SECOND GUESS YOURSELF!!!!!!!