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tore up an SRT4 >;)

This is a discussion on tore up an SRT4 >;) within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Well, I just had lunch with my girlfriend and we leave to take her back to work, nice mellow drive ...

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    tore up an SRT4 >;)

    Well, I just had lunch with my girlfriend and we leave to take her back to work, nice mellow drive cruis'in at about 45 mph when I see this neon about a mile back, I look in my mirror again and he's closer then I look again and he's even closer, then i knew he had spotted me and wanted to play, cause he was haul'in ass to catch up, sure enough he pulls right next to me and lines up I look over and see this dork with spikey hair and hi-lites he then drops his car down into gear, now I dont know a whole lot about these cars but the thing was makin all sorts of noise huff'in and puff'in,farting a 45mph roll we both HIT IT I easly put a couple car lengths on him then we played this cat and mouse game where he kept lineing up with me from a roll and I kept beating him (he had to of been in denial) when I get to the stop light where I had to take a left to drop my girl off he pulls up next to me waiting at the light to go strait, words cant explain the horrifyed look on his face like "how could this of happened" my girlfriend looks at him and goes "HAHA we beat you dork" he stutters not really knowing what to say, then he goes "no.....HE beat me." refering to me "the driver" I laughed my ass off thats the best come back he could come up with, I had a different out come with one of these cars once from a complete stop but i'm yet to be beat by one while in motion I had one a while back take me by a fender length from a complete stop, but I think he was pretty modded, also I spun and did'nt launch so well just thought i'd share todays experience with you guys
    - Jason
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    lol, good kill.

    Your girl sounds cool as hell.

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    Ya I have seen them at the track as slow as 10.0 and as fast as 8.10 (1/8th mile) I think it has alot to do with the driver Mod, but I would never be scared of one!!

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    Good kill. I had a pretty highly modded Srt-4 before my GTO and yea driver makes ALL the difference. Sounded like a punk kid who didnt learn how to drive it. FWD is a completely diff car when highly modded. Thats why the good drivers(me) and the non ricer type(me) had to always get hell about it.

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    getting beat buy a guy is one thing, being called a dork bye a girl that poor bastard

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    When I first got my TA, this red SRT-4 kept trying to race me... I kept just.. KICKING HIS ASS from a roll. Then we got to a stop light... and I defiantly forgot to turn my TCS off.. and I got destroyed lol. They're quick cars tho, unfortunately most get driven by the same sidewayz hat kids that we've all grow to hate lol.

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