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This is a discussion on Terminated... within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; The internet. Home of all this boundless knowledge. Some of it true....

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    The internet. Home of all this boundless knowledge.

    Some of it true.

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    but all of it interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharptransam View Post
    I was cruising in North Carolina, close to Camp Lejeune (marine base). T-Tops were off my black 02 ws6, just chilling, and a black 03-04 mustang is at the light ahead. another younger guy with the top down. the SVT badge doesn't scare me. I mean, young marine, general badass (like all military think right!). I've beat a couple before actually. Ahead of us is a section of lighted intersections. We take off and the first time he screws up his gears and I pull 2 lengths in a block...(a real long one). The next one he hooks. I had the trac control off because I thought it would be 'fair'. Oops. he pulled what I had before. Then we finally could line up again at the beginning of a long strip with nobody in front of us. He pulls two cl quickly but then I level out with him. then some soccer-mom, from the other direction, pulls a left into a driveway that's on our right. Before she pulls up into her drive though she stops almost dead in both our lanes. We both slam on the brakes and she moved, but I think I had a freakin' stroke! After we were done he said that his car was a 'terminator' mustang. I did some research, and my stock car (oh sorry, I had a strut tower brace) had no chance, so that was my learning experience. I also am a lot more pickier about where I freakin' race.
    Those damn soccer moms! What the hell was she thinking making a turn like that on a drag strip? Didn't she know there was a race being run? Dumb biatch anyway.

    Some friendly advice. Learn to let a few go once in awhile young man. Vehicular manslaughter would suck. Especially if some children were involved too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Street Lethal View Post
    Have Coletti in an old interview, and even he admitted that the SVT folks had an extremely hard time getting the engine to perform (or what he was looking for in terms of performance) naturally aspirated. Couldn't get the approval for "more" cubic inch displacement, so swapping over to the Lightning's setup was a no brainer for him....

    It's not that Coletti couldn't get it done, it's just that there are too many politics involved. Trying to get approval takes forever, and even then it rarely gets approved (but those who are familiar with EPA legislation can understand why)....
    Yeah, I believe good ole ford basically made Coletti have to use a used parts bin. It's sad cause Coletti produced real cars, with real performance, but Ford chases after the big ole dollar, and that means using the Shelby name (Which really isn't worth squat performance wise).

    I'm sure Coletti could've made the 4.6 DOHC engine run with the LS1, but it probably wouldn't have been too cost effective. The Mach1's do ok though. They just don't shine as much with mods as LSX motors do.

    Supposedly the new 302 block coming out is gonna put down some serious power, though i'm sure they'll pull back a few ponies on it, as it shouldn't be too hard to outperform that boat, the Shelby GT500.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badbird View Post
    good advice Mr. Mom.... you should keep your flowered skirt comments to yourself. this is kill stories.. people in here dont like to here shit about where they are racing

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