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stupid suby

This is a discussion on stupid suby within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; so im crusing home tonight after meeting some buddys for dinner... got the cutout open for the hell of it... ...

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    stupid suby

    so im crusing home tonight after meeting some buddys for dinner... got the cutout open for the hell of it... cars freshly detailed... im not paying much attention to whats around me. Well i come up to this light and in the other lane theres a mid 90s suburu legacy, stock to the bone aside from one small little sticker on the back that said... i shit you not... vtec... i just had a feeling i knew where this was going but i look straight ahead at the light and try not to pay attention to him. All of a sudden the thing revs... i look over and its some thuged out looking punk with his hat on sideways and a trashy looking girl in the passenger seat. He keeps reving his lil shitbox so i its been awhile, why the hell not. My cars pretty quiet at idol given the cutout being open but the second i so much as tap the gas she opens up like a war. I tacked it to about 3 grand and this lil dipshits still smiling his ass off like he knows he has me or something... light goes green and i gave him a second...he nails the shit out of it, bounces it off his rev limiter before he hits first and when i heard that i let mine rip... I gave it half throttle and blasted by him and started putting on buslengths... well between there and my turn off he tryed me 3 more times...same result each time until i finnaly just decided to be a dick and block him from moving up threw traffic to get next to me again. I just dont understand... i thought these idiots were finnaly starting to die off and learn something but it dosent seem like it anymore... oh well, keep busting that rice boys

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    lol good kill, I hate to say it but rice is here to stay, as long as 12 sec built civics are still around giving little ricers hope and dreams, ricers will still be around.

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    haha, awesome man. Nice kill. Silly ricers never learn.

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    I can respect the fact that there are some pretty quick Civic's, Accords, Suby's etc. out there, however when a 16 year old pulls up to me and revs his bone stock 93 Accord + fart can muffler and VTEC stickers, I feel that it's my duty to remind him that he has not even the slightest idea of what "quick" or "fast" are! HAHA!
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    Well, that's why it's up to us to remind them and make them understand, that they don't even come close...

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    Good kill, never let a kid get away with something like that at a stoplight!

    The 90's Legacy was certainly never meant to take on a Trans Am like that!

    BTW, looking at your avatar, I absolutely love that color. Nice ride!

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