If you live in south eastern Wisconsin you know what the strip is, for you others its known as highway 100 a long straight Highway with many lights and many long straight aways. People come out here to show off and race there cars. I cant tell you every kill story from last night cause it would take many many threads. Anyway my favorite one is this yellow mustang GT new body style, has exhaust a hood and it sounded like a beast. He pulled up next to me we were doin 35-40 he puts it in second and hits it so i pull next to him put it in second and hit it, my friend in his 89 GT was behind me and asked the guy if he wanted to race me he said hell no. Anyway not really a kill but i thought i was funny BTW his plates said NO CHNCE. Here is the list of cars i raced and beat last night,

05+ mustang GT a win in my book
New body style rousch mustang
2 late 80s GTs
Turbo GSX with intercooler
87 supra pushing 317rwhp
couple honda civic SIs why do they try
3 SRT-4s some modded some stock
a 98 camaro with slp exhaust and a lid
a mercury marauder
96 impala SS
a 68 camaro with a 327
79 malibu with a rebuilt 350
a couple of TSI talons there were everywhere for some reason
and a couple that i cant remember and that means they arent worth racing anyway