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Speakin of Stupid

This is a discussion on Speakin of Stupid within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I dont know why this happens, but it always does, to me that is. I probably have more trucks and ...

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    Speakin of Stupid

    I dont know why this happens, but it always does, to me that is. I probably have more trucks and suv's want to race me than cars. Today, I took the ttops off and went driving around town, just to drive while wifey was at work (sucks for her). I went on some back industrial roads where there weren't any trucks today and did some nice long burnouts and some doughnuts, and just messed around and had some fun, some me time. On my way back home today I was at 6th and Bagby in Waco and some dude in a 99-02 Z-71, not Z-28, but a truck, pulled up next to me and was throwing a few revs and motioning me for a race. I kinda smiled, thinking yeah right! Sure enough he took off making his 35s or whatever size they were howl as he did. I didn't think anything of it, but just before I was about to shift into 2nd, i put the hammer down and flew by like he was in a truck, funny though, he was. I dunno about these people. If they just wanna see a show, tell me, so they don't waste their gas, too? Anyways, I beat him

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    yeah right! u lost.

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    Yeah, I always get the hillbillys in there big ass pos trucks trying to race me.

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    It's worse when you get amazingly slow diesel 3/4 ton trucks trying to pick a race with you, I hate that! I hear what you're saying though. It seems that everyone on the planet has a big truck with loud/crappy sounding exhaust, and thinks that they're all that, and will try to race everything, thinking their truck is the fastest thing on the planet. You'd think they'd get tired of seeing tail lights...
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