So on the way home from work today I was drivin kinda briskly with my top down. I look in my rear view and I notice this SUV thingy comin up fast on me. So I let him do his thing we go up a hill he gets in front of me. Then at the next light we are both lined up. I cant figure out what kinda SUV it was. It looked like a black BMW but I didnt see the insignia on the wheels. Anyways I take off a lil quick and I notice he punches it while hes still a bit behind me. I dont let him I throw it down a couple gears and just dont let him pass. Hes about 5-6 cars behind me when we come up to the next light. The funny thing is he doesnt BOTHER to come all the way up to the light. He stays about a half a car length behind it and behind me so I cant look at him. LOL!