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Slap-happy on a SRT4

This is a discussion on Slap-happy on a SRT4 within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Here's a funny one. I was at a party this past weekend. Lots of young 20-22 year olds, all into ...

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    Slap-happy on a SRT4

    Here's a funny one. I was at a party this past weekend. Lots of young 20-22 year olds, all into the SRT4 deal. I was in the WS6, and they flocked around when i pulled up to talk trash. After an hour of lookin over my engine and whisperin, and them tryin to get to race from a 40 roll, we go to a secluded straightaway down the road. My 3/4 slider in the tranny was shot, so i didnt want to go from a roll. We raced twice. Killed him by about 5-6 car lengths both times. This dude and his buddies swore he was pushin 20 lbs of boost on this upgraded turbo. We raced for the hell of it again & i gave him 2 car lengths. Still punished him by 5, lol. He and his friends now have a new found respect for LS1's.

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    sweet i love it when some half a motor havin, park bench sportin,neon graphic wearin,fart can installin ricers talk alot of shit about this turbo and that down pipe but then get toasted

    no offense to you real tuners out there that actually know there stuff and can build a respectable import

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    LOL!!! Seems like those kids never learn a lesson!!

    I have never raced one on the street, But I did at the track, I pulled the guy 1 1/2 out of the whole!! But he was back up to my door by the 1/8th mile!! Car was pushing some good power for a 4 banger, ESP to pull me top end.

    BTW a REAL tuner doesn't mess with FWD, Its either AWD or RWD!!!

    You can have 8000 hp on a FWD but a 150hp RWD car would beat it, You can only get so much power to stick on one of those.

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    Well ricers are a bunch of idiots anyway. They give notable tuners a bad rep.

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    Hey now i had an Srt-4 and im WAY FAR from a ricer. And mine hooked to(low 1.7s) but then again like you said....i know( what im doing and started off with traction mods to begin with(and i can drive). Mine was at 21lbs on the stock turbo and it was quick....but not fast as hell. I trapped 111-113 every time i went to the track. But im really glad i got rid of it and got the Goat!!

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