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S class

This is a discussion on S class within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Well i just learned a thing or two about the S class by Mercedes. Guy went whizzing by me so ...

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    S class

    Well i just learned a thing or two about the S class by Mercedes. Guy went whizzing by me so punched it a bit.. got up to a stop light and we are both at the line. we both take off but i wasn't sure he was going for it so i wasn't WOT on it. figured out he was fairly fast so i hammered it to the floor. He actually started to pull on me for a bit but at about the 100 mph mark i noticed myself regaining the lead. I was definitely impressed though. Was a 2007 S550. Looked that the specs on it and those things are shoving out HP on a 5.5 V8. the only draw back that they really have is that they weigh in at 5600lbs and their max torque seems t me to be kinda low at 2800 RPM when the RPM peaks at 6000 and figure about a 6500 red line. Well i would have had him in the bag but the road curved and merged into 1 lane and wasn't sure what as around the long corner and at those speeds i wasn't taking the risk of causing a wreck. but i would like to get one of those on the 1/4 mile sometime.

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    nice kill. Yea they are some real badass benzes out there.

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    Nice kill... The hopped up mercedes usually weigh more than you'd want them to, but for our sake, its for the better. My friend's dad has the new SL500 with the 5.0 L V8 and 7 Speed auto, but its definitely heavier than my car. It would def be a good race.
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    Most of the big Benz's (E, S, SL, CL, yada) all have ridiculously high curb weights but average out in terms of speed because they have very large hp/tq numbers.

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