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Riced GT gets rocked hard

This is a discussion on Riced GT gets rocked hard within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Been a long time since Ive posted... been having some PCM issues but i do hae a new kill story ...

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    Riced GT gets rocked hard

    Been a long time since Ive posted... been having some PCM issues but i do hae a new kill story for you. So friday night me and my girl went out to get a bite to eat, and as were leaving the parking lot this riced out mustang comes screaming behind me and gets right on my ass. He follows me up to the light and then gets next to me. I see that this things a 97-98 gt with a saleen body kit... a hood with probley 10 holes in it... aluminum spoiler... sounds really crappy and from what i can see the interior has alot of spray can finish in it. Well of course hes reving the piss out of it so...i agnolaged and reved back. So the light goes green and I stomp it. He gets a really tiny jump on me off the start but then i walked him pretty hard... id say about 2 cars by 70 before i shut down. Well my g/f wanted to go shopping so I turn into the mall and this idiot follows me. He pulls up right next to me gets out of his car and goes "man those ls1s are quick, i thought i had you man" This next part was gonna really hurt all ready for this? "dude this things a 6 banger RS man...base model" To say the least he didnt believe me but the truth of the matter is we were in my G/Fs 99 RS Camaro... her only mod is exhaust. The guy swore up and down that it was a Z-28 and i didnt know what i was talking about. Given it dose have the Z-28 appearance lip kit but... It took me opening the hood before he believed me. I dunno if i should have pulled him that much or he just cant drive but... i thought it was pretty funny lol. As far as my T/A goes I took it to an independent to track down a wierd manufactuer specific code for me...big mistake, shoulda done my own work but i was busy building my hot rod and trying to get home on the weekends to see my g/f. Well the guy calls me up and says "yea we got a little problem we fryed your PCM" Some idiot decided instead of tracking down a wire at the sensor hed just back probe at the pcm.... well to say the least they have to buy me a new pcm but ill be damned if im gonna let them install it. Should be back on the road by next week if all goes right... well guys, keep it real and keep the ls1s roaring

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    good kill man

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    At least he was kinda close since your GF's RS looked like a Z28. Most ricey people around me don't have a clue what an LS1 looks like or even is... Good kill, hope he traded that Stang in.

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    that's great....reminds me of a moron who did a burnout from the parking space next to me....i sersiously hate ricers.

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    Beat by an RS! Time to commit suicide.

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    94-97 GT's only have 215hp and the 98 GT only has 225hp, and your g/f's RS has 200hp.

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