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Rhinoman-1 Mazda Speed3-0

This is a discussion on Rhinoman-1 Mazda Speed3-0 within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I was cruisin in lincoln on a bright and sunny day when me and my buddy noticed a Speed3 that ...

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    Rhinoman-1 Mazda Speed3-0

    I was cruisin in lincoln on a bright and sunny day when me and my buddy noticed a Speed3 that we've seen around and started playing with him. We were both heading out towards the highway and got stuck at the stop light with him in front of me. We both turned left and got on the highway. I was about 2 1/2 car lenghts behind him in first gear (about 30 mph) when we both hammered it at the same time. When we went I had no momentum, I pulled 1/2 a car in first, 1 car in second, 1 car in third and by fourth was around him and running away.
    Before I bought my GTO I test drove a Mazda Speed6. Has the exact same stats as the Speed3 and I was surprised at how stout it was. So even though I ate him up I was impressed that he put up the fight he did. That is a fast little car. I'm assuming he was stock cause I didn't hear any exhaust work, could barely hear the turbo (no loud blow-off valve). But I have to admit that it did better than most tuners out there.
    Let me know if any you guys ran into any of these on the street.

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    I'm not very familiar with those but nice kill though.

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    my friend has a Mazda 6 and alothough it is fun to drive there just is not enough torque. when I put my foot down I just don't get teh rush I do from mine. Also hate teh electronic clutch or what ever the hell the thing is.

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    My DD MazdaSpeed3 is awesome...nothing close to my WS6, but yeah, they do put up a fair fight

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    You aren't the first LSx guy to raise an eyebrow to one of these. They are pretty quick in stock form for what they are.

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