My wife and I were heading back from dinner when an lt1 t/a pulled up beside me and paced. He looked to be early 20s with his girl riding shotgun. Not sure what he had done but it was an auto and he had a tach on the dash and fresh track numbers on the windows.

We didn't have room to play but I gave him a rev to say hello. I noticed he had his signal on to make a right down an open stretch of road. I slowed and slipped in behind him. I didn't thinkI could take him but its always fun anyways. Once we turned I started to get beside him until he suddenly punched it. I wasn't able to make up ground and let off. Luckily we hit a light up ahead.

He put a half a car on me from the start but I quickly made up ground and continued to pull, letting off around 105 with about 3 cars. We laughed as we thought about him trying to explain to his girlfriend how an suv beat him.

Up ahead I made a left and we noticed a new vette waiting for the green. My wife told me to race him but something didn't look right...I didn't get a close look at it but the back tires sure did look wide. I told her if this is a Z, we're fixing to get raped. I crept along waiting for him to pull up. Sure enough, it was a new Z06. For laughs I threw it in nuetral and wrapped it out. I then gave it all it had. The Z toyed with me, keeping pace but jumping constantly. After he had enough he took off. The little suv didn't have a chance in hell.

I've been dying to run into one and when I finally do, I'm in the wife's suv.