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Raced a Audi TT. lol

This is a discussion on Raced a Audi TT. lol within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Originally Posted by ezwip The TT stands for Tourist Trophy. It does have a turbo but only one and it ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezwip View Post
    The TT stands for Tourist Trophy. It does have a turbo but only one and it only puts out 250 hp even with that. Most people consider it a chicks car myself included. The 2.0 puts out only 200 hp. You would absolutely destroy these cars in a V8 Camaro.
    The twin turbo thing was a joke

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    Quote Originally Posted by dneemorelos View Post
    A guy in my club owns a 2009 cobalt ss and it's a 4 banger turboed. IT'S F'CKING QUICK. I read reviews saying it'll give EVO's a scare. So I agree wit what I read above, if you smoke these NEW 4 bangers wit turbo, chances are they didn't spool up, or ur just too modded. I have not raced a 4 banger but I've seen v8's that have and got smoked.
    He went WOT. It was "spooled" up as much as it could have been.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hi-Po View Post
    Went cruising around, making some logs two days ago. Came to a stop light and when we take off a silver Audo TT nails it at about 10 MPH. bad time to catch me while im still in 1st gear. I nailed it and and started spinning threw 1st. Hit second and by the time I got to 3rd hes was mulitple cars length's behind. Was not the place to be racing so I shut it down. He rolled down his window and yelled, "Not bad for a 4 cylinder turbo huh?"

    I played along and said yea. That Audi TT didnt stand the least bit of a chance. Good guy, just playing around. But I destroyed that Audi! First kill of the year.
    Nice, those run high 14s in stock form. They don't stand a chance against an LS1. Bigger intercooler, full exhaust, more boost, fuel, and a tune and it will be a 13s car. About even to a stock LS1. That's a girl car anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hi-Po View Post
    He went WOT. It was "spooled" up as much as it could have been.
    Nothing against you bro but running wit fellow v8's and winning is a kill, launching against 4 bangers is nothing I'd brag about, unless it was seriously modded and rated a V8 killer. IMO
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    "Faster, Faster" she said.....
    (SLP Lid, Smooth Bellows, Cats removed, Magnaflow exhaust, K&N filter, Mobil 1,NGK plugs, MSD wires.)
    On the way....subframe connectors, cam, ported t/b, tranny cooler, dynotune.

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