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Quickest race ever....

This is a discussion on Quickest race ever.... within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Well i got to come home on R&R for two weeks, i had some extra cash so i picked up ...

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    Quickest race ever....

    Well i got to come home on R&R for two weeks, i had some extra cash so i picked up a spray kit and got a dyno tune and some bolt on's that i allready had. Well im cruising through town just enjoying myself, cut out open like allways, well i passed by a older 90's civic hatchback, He decided it was his goal to catch up to me and tell me my car sounded like poo and he could spank me up and down the road. I was like ok bud your not worth my premium, But it had been a while so i figured why not, When we pulled up to a light I turned around to open my bottle and popped the glove box to arm the system and he asked me what are you doing? I was like opening my bottle, he just looked left and right and turned right and i didnt see him again.
    I was like dam, what a rip off i was hoping to have a lil fun.
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    Man, shoulda just smoked him w/ out the bottle.
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    no need to waste good nitrous on that POS

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    Shoulda said you were looking for your sunglasses or something.....and then spanked him.

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    That's beautiful! Guess it's a good thing for him that he was in the right hand lane! HAHA! Can't go left on red!

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