I have an article from the Toronto Star to share with my fellow Ontario enthusiasts, and really anyone that drives through Ontario, or does not want to see similar legislation show up in thier Province or State.
Please note I do not condone steet racing or aggressive driving. This petition is all about due process, innocent until proven guilty.
I did not really know where to post this in, but it would likely be a good idea to make this a sticky.

Have a read:

Petition to revise street racing law

Toronto Star

May 10, 2008

There are a growing number of Ontario citizens getting frustrated with our current Ontario Government's stance on the newly legislated "street racing law."

We've written endless letters to elected officials, and all we get back are "canned" responses.

What strikes us as the most glaring issue with the legislation is that the up-front car seizure and licence suspension seems to be a blatant violation of our civil right to due process. And apparently, nobody from our government is prepared to address this issue.

So we've decided to try and get organized and started an online petition.

The purpose of posting an online petition is to provide elected officials with an indication of the number of people who have a problem with this type of new legislation.

We don't want anyone to get confused either. We're not promoting that anyone go out and break the law – far from it.

We believe that anyone who breaks the law deserves punishment as much as the next person. But this new legislation clearly crosses the line of good intentions, and it's a trend that should be stopped.

What we're asking for here is that the law be revised, as opposed to scrapped. The part that we're asking for a revision on is the immediate seven-day vehicle seizure and licence suspension.

The petition can be found at

Tim Chisholm, North York