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oh, how the mighty have fallen!

This is a discussion on oh, how the mighty have fallen! within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; i was delt my first street loss this last weekend. and to a wrx sti ( brand new with the ...

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    oh, how the mighty have fallen!

    i was delt my first street loss this last weekend. and to a wrx sti ( brand new with the new nose) ! i was so disapointed in my car. but after a good long cruise and a good talking to i dont think that it will happen again!( IM SURE IT WILL WITH MY INMATURE BEHAVIOR) now to the race! i see him in the rear veiw rolling on me quick and low and behold we do a little motor reving and were off and he is fast , at least as fast me. we end up at the stop light with 3 lanes open in front . he says we go from a roll at 40 with 4 honks and so on . im like "with the light" he says" but my clutch i dont know! i thinking i could loose here so if im going to im going to make him abuse his car as much as possible with a really hard launch. anyway its go time amd he gets about a half a car on me on the laungh and hits second and pulls my front tire to his rear and i just could not make up the diffrence never lost any more but could not gain it back!FFFFF so it was about 1/8 mile with a verry abrupt brake check at the end . i felt i could reel a little in if it was longer race. oh well i was beat. i knew it was going to happen some day. i suck. btw i ran a 13.2 @106 at englishtown , how fast are these cars. BOY, I TOOK IT PERSONAL

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    sti's run low 13's stock with sub 5 second 0-60...modded theyre even more dangerous

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    If it would have went the full quarter mile you would have pulled him up top beyond any shadow of a doubt if he was mostly stock. The sti's are good in the eighth mile but on the top end they die off considerably due to the parasitic drag of the all wheeldrive and the low final drive ratio from the factory, which is what actually helps them launch for the eighth mile but the top end is weak.However the newer sti's are a little faster. On the other hand the ls1 has sick top end, but without drag radials minimum its hard to beat the sti off the line cause of wheel spin. With good tires though you can annihalate them throughout the whole quarter. Even on street tires from a dead my free modded mostly stock 98 z28 catches them by second and its over bad and by a roll I can kill the wrx and sti by many lengths. If you lean out the air fuel ratio on the sti and boost the stock turbo up and add down and up pipe you can see considerable gains throughout the range. Plus before any subaru or import fans try to talk trash i've repeated this race scenario several times with 2 of my camaros. Plus my boy mods imports and has built 3 different sti and wrx's (22psi plus) from stock to modded and we ran a bunch. Those cars are impressive though and with awd you can beat most rwd cars with street tires from a dead on a short race, but from a roll or with good tires or driver most stockish ls1's can destroy most stockish sti's or wrx's. Thanks any comments or valid arguments will be accepted and appreciated.
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    The new 06 sti's run high 4's 0-60. Im suprised he was worried about his clutch so soon. The new sti's are only 2 tenths slower on the 1/4 mile than the evo stock for stock. I do beleive you would have caught up in the long run if it went further.

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