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o_0 a toyota rav4?

This is a discussion on o_0 a toyota rav4? within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; ok so on the way home fromgoing to waffle house with my friend i was on a strech of highway ...

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    ok so on the way home fromgoing to waffle house with my friend i was on a strech of highway that goes over a swamp with no side road nice place for street racing any way so i pull up to the light before this strech of road and theres a rav4 in the lane next to me nothing to pay attention to right so we take off and im rolling about 30 in third gear when i notice the car speeded up to get even with me and started to honk the horn i look over thinging i must have a dead tail light or somthing when i look over the chick (yes chick) smilled and floored it i let her get about car and i half when i drop a gear and waxed her but slowed down enought to let her catch up well now that she did i noticed its a he and hes girl was reach over to smile at me so i did the standard honk on three and took of agian. were now past this strech of highway back in to the "heart" of town at another red light in the turning lane i noticed a cop a few blocks ahead just turning off his head lights and waiting for someone to bust... *evil laugh so the dude and dudette pull up agian and now im nagging it on reving the motor to get him worked up so light turns green and he takes off i just sit there and watch as two blocks later blue lights come on and he get pulled over almost felt like pulling close to him and open the door so she could ride
    twas a good night
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    LMAO that is so mean! I love it... ya you should have deffinately asked the girl if she needed a ride

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    man, that's awesome, never stop though. tough luck that bitch isn't worth a hit on the driving record!

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    i feel bad for the the guy... he has a rav4 and a bad driving

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