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not a kill but funny

This is a discussion on not a kill but funny within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; this isnt a kill but a lesson to my ford fanatic friend. any way i had my 2000 ss for ...

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    not a kill but funny

    this isnt a kill but a lesson to my ford fanatic friend. any way i had my 2000 ss for about 2 weeks when my friend finally swollowed his pride and asked for a ride. so we went for a cruz down to an open road and played around with some burn outs and donuts then actually did some wot runs on the shitty tires that came on the car so there was quit a bit of spinnin and sideways action. after it was all done and we got back to the house he said with the biggest grin on his face that he had to get one. i look at him and said that i was glad that i could bring him over to the chevy side and asked him if he wanted to run his gt and he said he didnt want to. any way just thought i would share that because it really mad my day and made me love my car more than i already did. if yall have any cool expieriences please post.

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    moral of the story: fords are slow

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    Glad to hear you converted him, he'll be glad he did

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    My Dad's buddy bought a 75 Firebird new and set out to make it a road race car. The original 455SD motor has been in my dad's garage for almost 30 years. He built a 355 with lots of cool parts, but never really got it to run the way he wanted. He put a ton of money into this and that, but he never really had much luck....

    Anyways, a few months ago, he and his wife were over at my parent's house for a visit and I asked him if he wanted a ride in my SS. Lets just say he had a real big grin by the time we got back.
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    way to change one over from the dark side....good job bro.

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    My co-worker has been riding to work with me. He has an Expedition and a Mustank and had been screaming about F.O.R.D. cars. The other day he said he was going to get rid of one of his cars and get a Z28 . The LS1 has made another convert . Score another for LS1.

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