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nice race in the t/a and then my g/fs first street race

This is a discussion on nice race in the t/a and then my g/fs first street race within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I took the T/A home for Christmas break and we had some nice weather in WV so i warshed it ...

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    nice race in the t/a and then my g/fs first street race

    I took the T/A home for Christmas break and we had some nice weather in WV so i warshed it and took it out tuesday night. Me and my girlfriend were cruising down the interstate and I see a car coming up on me fast. Couldnt make out what it was but it gets up along side me and i see its a narly looking LS-1 Z-28 with a ground effects kit ive never seen before, a raptor hood, and some really trick looking paint. He starts messing with me so i figured why the hell not. We were going about 60 miles per hour so i honked 3 times and we both hit it. I pulled on him instantly and had about 4 cars by 120 when i shut down. I pulled into a parking lot and he followed. We both got out and all he could say is "how the hell did you do that man, i got full bolt ons and your in an automatic" He was pretty mistified by the procharger. We talked for awhile, turns out the body kit was a one off piece he had made. Sick looking car, turned out to be a pretty cool guy.

    Well the T/A was sucking gas like crazy so the next night me and my G/F decided to take out my newly fixed from the accident this summer 67 PussStang 6 cylinder. I decided id let her drive on the way home from the movies cause i just didnt feel like fighting the heavy wheel (ah the joys of driving without power steering) So were at a light and the things ideling pretty good, seems to be alright. I look over and see this early 90s civic riced all to hell setting there reving with some lil teenage prick in the driver seat checking out my girlfriend. Now let me start by telling you a lil something about this Mustang... IT HAS NO BALLS WHAT SO EVER, BUT IT EATS CIVICS FOR BREAKFAST! It still gets up and goes if the right person is driving it. In this case the right person wasnt. So i look at her, hit the floor shift in neutral, and tell her to rev. The thing gives a throaty little purr and ricer boy looks at her like the street race to end all street races is about to go down. I tell her ill shift the thing for her all she has to do is mash the gas when i tell her to. Now for some reason this car takes off best in 2 (it has 1, 2, and Drive) So i have her tack it a little over idel and i watch the light. It goes green and i drop it back to 2 and she nails the piss out of it, i thought she was gonna bend the gas pedal. Now he started to pull on her but I poped it back down into 1 to get the thing to pull (yea ford cant build a transmission to save there live but hey, if it works use it lol), she started pulling on him, i popped it into 2nd at about 40, and drive at about 60, she had about 2 cars on him by 80 so i put on the flashers and told her to let off. He did a lil ricer flyby and my girlfriend flicked him off...

    my friends i finnally acomplished what ive been out to do...i got her hooked!!! Now were going to build her a car and im going to try to get her into bracket racing at mason dixon this summer. She wants a T/A but i think im going to start her off small and try to find a firebird with a 3.8 until she learns to drive it and respect it (anyone know how hard it is to put trans am bumpers on base model so she dosent try to castrate me? ill just make her think its an ls-1 )

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    Now that story kicked ass.
    So i guess you got a kill and 1/2 and your g/f got the other half.

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    Nice kill. If you get her into bracket racing, she will start to see times and realize that her 3.8 is not a 5.7. Women are smarter than we think..... Im sure she would understand if you told her that you were going to start her off small so she doesnt kill herself...

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