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My races the past year...crazy, funny, and also stupid

This is a discussion on My races the past year...crazy, funny, and also stupid within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Alright, so I got my car last year (00 Z28 A4). I never thought to see myself racing all around ...

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    My races the past year...crazy, funny, and also stupid

    Alright, so I got my car last year (00 Z28 A4). I never thought to see myself racing all around town and through traffic n shit cuz I love my car and I want to stay alive, especially knowing I had a V8 as my 1st car I knew I had to take it easy for a few months to get the handle on things before I become an insurance liability. I've had many races but I'm posting the most interesting ones.
    The first race I've had...I was cruising on the Parkway at night, and I hear roaring on the side of me, look to the left and see an LT1 Trans Am going back and fourth on the side of me eager to go. I think, "eh what the hell im sure to win anyways cuz he has the iron block." We go an IMMEDIATELY he pulls off from me, I tried from about 75-100 and just flat out gave up cuz he had me that badly. At least the guy gave me some respects and came back to give me the thumbs up. Not too interesting, but at least he showed me to never be too cocky.
    The next week I went back on the Parkway to look for anyone with a nice car to go. No luck so I was heading home. To my suprise on the way back, I see something in my rear-view flying up. So I slow down, and I thought, "no shit...thats a fucking mini-van!" He gets on the side of me and its some old fat guy with tattoos all down his arms and gives me this laugh. I honestly think he must've raced a V6 before and thought he'd get me, but nope...after I get far far ahead of him I slow down...seconds later he starts coming up from behind me, so I sped up again and got far ahead. After a while I realized this crazy fuck is tached out at 120 MPH and after that it's all fair game to me, but when traffic builds up heading toward a bridge, he wouldn't stop after 15 mins, I decided to forget about him cuz he's gonna get me killed.
    One of the most ridiculous...coming back from senior prom in Wildwood all hung-over. To my luck a Corvette convention just got out and they were POURING onto the highway from the Atlantic City onramp. I went for the first C6 to see how quick they were, revved it, and to my luck it was some old lady looking like she was about to crap herself. Second car I got behind was a Stingray with a wide-body Ferrari kit on it and some huge ass axel...I got behind him in a toll, paid, heard a squeal in front of me, looked up, and he was gone completely! There were other exotics from the show I guess cuz I found an Acura NSX and a snobby looking guy in it. I think, "if i can get this guy to race, im gonna get raped but w/e" soon as he starts accel. i follow him and then get to the side and floor it. I hear his motor, but he had NOTHING on me...what a shame. Didn't know they had like 220 HP.
    The last race I'll mention is just plain stupid on my part. Driving on a 25MPH road, I see some kid from school with his STi tailing me. Now this kid has a lotta money from a lawsuit, and already crashed two other STi's (this was his THIRD within a year and a 1/2). He gets into the emergency lane and attempts to over-take me. I couldn't let that happen and slammed on the gas at about 40 MPH, and it reacted as soon as my front fender was aligned with his rear fender. The road leads up a hill, where the emergency lane eventually is narrowed off, and there is a bridge atop the hill. I have never had such a close race before. I was pulling away from him about 6 inches every second. His lane gets narrower and I was thinking "fuck it im getting his ass" and I merge to the middle of the road. Inches a second and gaining, I knew I would have him very soon. Then, I see headlights in front of me...a car was coming over the bridge. I first slow down and swerve at him to tell him to get behind me, as MY rear fender was then aligned with his front fender. He ignores me and continues to race...I slam on my brakes and merge as close to him as I can, cuz the car was now right in front of me swerving outta my way. My friend that was in my car said had he had his arm out the window, he wouldve hit it against the kid's STi, and he was about 3 inches away from the guardrail. From my side I was about 3/4 a foot away from the oncoming car...stupid of me yeah, dont trust morons in imports.

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    Dude...I know EXACTLY how all of that goes down the parkway...I have some of my best races there! I live in Laurence Hbr (right next to Sayreville) and I'm dating a girl who lives behind Roosevelt Park next to Menlo Mall so I know all the trashy Ricers that fly up and down Rt 1. Man, we should get together, I'd love to pick your brain up some car stuff...You would think STi's were alil faster being that they're $35,000 right?

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    hey, our cars off the floor were 34k, so price doesn't mean shit. it's all drivers and mods.

    sounds like you had fun-deffinatly dumb to race up hill...shoulda pulled off and said "lets find a highwya"

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    The mini van story was great!!! ..Had that happen to me in my old mustang..


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