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My First Kill (Z28 vs Mustang)

This is a discussion on My First Kill (Z28 vs Mustang) within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; whats DA?...

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    dbl clutch'n like i shld WICKEDLS1's Avatar
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    sebring silver

    whats DA?

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    2000 Z28

    Density altitude is the altitude in the International Standard Atmosphere at which the air density would be equal to the actual air density at the place of observation, or, in other words, the height when measured in terms of the density of the air rather than the distance from the ground. "Density Altitude" is the pressure altitude adjusted for non-standard temperature.

    Both an increase in temperature and, to a much lesser degree, humidity will cause an increase in density altitude. Thus, in hot and humid conditions, the density altitude at a particular location may be significantly higher than the true altitude.

    from google. higher DA usually occurs in higher altitude places. higher is worse for performance. lots of records are set in low DA situations, unless the record is site specific. just a simple change of scenery could be a drastic change in DA. like LA and Las Vegas for example. LV is about 2500 ft above sea level. obviously LA is just above sea level. vegas can be very hot. LA is usually lower temperature. Ive run a personal best of 14.0 at 100mph with just headers and a lid in the middle of summer(i dont get to play as often as i would like) while lots of people in LA have personal bests of 12.9-13.3. my DA on the night of my 14.0 pass i had a DA of 5k. whereas the LA folk were probably running no higher than a 100 DA. ideal conditions exist in low altitude cities.

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    I ran a stock 07 GT Auto in my Z28 and we were dead even until 100 or so then I started pulling. 05-10 GT's are no joke either. Mod for Mod the LS1 wins.

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    My friends dad has got a 07 gt hes wanting to sell i told him I dnt have the money but we can race for pink

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    Quote Originally Posted by BiGPaPaSMuRF View Post
    Ive had my car for about 3 months now and I finally got to see what it can really do today. On my way to work today I get behind this mustang accessories...well the road were on is one lane for the most part but a couple areas it splits into 2 lanes(perfect for a nice run). When we get to where it first splits into 2 lanes i gun it by him not really knowing if he wanted to go or not, but he catches up quick so i know its on..the road goes bck to 1 lane for about a mile then bck to 2 lanes soon as we get bck to 2 lanes i let him get beside me were both going about 60 i give him a nod and we both kick it about the same time he stays with me for about 2 seconds and then i started pulling away from up to about 130 and let off by then i had him by 5 car lengths or more My car is bone stock for the most part didnt think i would have smoked him like that...I guess chevys are better than fords...j/k
    Maybe some Chevy's car are better than Ford's car but inversely. There are some Ford's car better than Chevy's car for me. It is my own experience and the opinion on the 2 car company.
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    Nice kill! I don't even know why a 2v GT would even tangle with any LS1 if it's close to stock. Same with the 3 valves. They are almost as piss slow in stock form. I've ran both of them in my pretty much stock A4 and it wasn't even close at all.

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    They (Mustangs) sound good but pack a lot less horsepower for the most part. It's like coming to an ass kicking contest with one leg.
    Now the 5.0 is another story.
    I really think you need to pack some mods to walk them and with the outpour of mods readily available for the engine already, its going to be very interesting. 624HP for $6000 and 8 hours of your time isn't anything to laugh at and I know quite a few guys already in line and waiting to dish out some serious paybacks to some unknowing LS1 owners.
    I love this war and I say MOD ON!!!!!!!!
    1999 WS6 - Black - 414rwhp 401rwtq w/o NOS
    632rwhp 577rwtq with HSW 250shot NOS

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