so tonight I was driving down memorial minding my own business when these two mustangs (probably 01 or 02's) pull up beside me and start revin. I just kinda glanced over and kept driving. so they both floor it and take off. About a mile down the road I'm approaching a red light on a 6 lane road (3 lanes in each direction) and guess who's sitting there. the 2 mustangs revin at each other. so I pull up in the 3rd lane. they both immediatly turned their attention to me. I was hoping one was a cobra or something but they both looked to be GT's with a few mods. the girl in the passenger seat looked over at me and smiled. apparently the guy in the black gt next to me felt a little threatend based on the roars that his slowmasters were making. anyways the light turned green and we all punched it. my wheels spun through half of first and they both pulled about a car on me. I finally got some traction and gained some back through first. Second gear was just plain brutal. I pulled about 2 carlengths on both mustangs who were still about even with each other. I let off and slowed down, and the black mustang did a ricer fly by on me.
anyways the other mustang pulled up beside me at the next light and we talked for a little while. he was a pretty cool guy. he said his friend has some issues with loosing races, especiallly in front of his girl... some guys just need to chill out