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The Mustang the never gives up

This is a discussion on The Mustang the never gives up within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Ok, this is by far one of the funniest races I have ever had. I had two freinds with me ...

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    The Mustang the never gives up

    Ok, this is by far one of the funniest races I have ever had. I had two freinds with me leaving the pool hall the other night in my TA and we were looking for some ricers to run that meet up on occasion at this local car wash. On the way there I notice two mustangs in my rear view mirrow, One was the 94-99 body style and the other was an 01 Cobra. Well at the next light we manage to line up with the older stang. They were already playing around and ready to go so I just gave him a little rev and he jumped forward a little bit. The light turned and I gunned it to about 10 mph and let off because I was pulling bad already and wanted to make sure he was going and sure enough he is on it good as he catches up so I let him on my side and gun it for about another 10mph and pulled once again and didnt this over and over til we hit 70. It was truly said that we had to let up on the gas that many times to keep him along side and he actually kept trying. I have an a4 with full exhaust and LT's so I know he could hear me gettiing on and off of it. I was not manually shifting. Anyways at the next light I look at him and give him a head nod and the light turns green and he just takes off again so I stomp on it til about 30 and have about 2-2 1/2 car lengths on him even with giving him a jump and then waited for him to catch up and rode beside him again til about 50 and then took off on him again. The next light he actually takes off again but we let him go and wanted to play with the cobra behind him. We just rode beside each other for a little bit because there was a cop who had someone pulled over at one intersection but once we passed him he asked if it was a WS6 and I said yeah and he said his is an 01 cobra. So then we rode side by side up another road until we caught a red light and I gave him a rev, waited for the light to turn and since this was my first cobra I wasnt going to risk a loss and got on it hard and just left him right away and pulled a couple cars and once we hit about 50 we both shut down, then he just waved and I made a U-turn to go back towards the ricers we were looking for orignally. Never did find them but racing that first mustang just made my night, I had one guy in my car that had never been in it before and couldnt believe how bad I could pull on the stang.. Well I just thought it was a good story since the Stang just would not cut his losses and shut down.

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    I respect the guy in the GT, he's car didn't have what it takes, but at least he didn't puss out with a bunch of excuses.

    Nice kill on the Cobra!


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    That is all I get to race is Mustangs. Damn I hate that. Good kill on both.

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    The older stangs are not impressive at all. I was very dissapointed. The first time I raced one was after a football practice and I had 3 other guys in the car with me (atleast 650 extra pounds) and it wasnt even close. Atleast 10 lengths by the shift to 3rd.. very dissapointing. Nice kill on that Cobra.

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