hey everyone. the other day i was heading home in some mild traffic when i came across a beautiful m5 traffic got a little slow and i opened my window to try and converse. i wanted to compliment his car bc it sounded great but typical bmw owner he looked at me and turned away. we were passing eachother for about 5 minutes he'd punch it next to me and id punch it next to him. not much space to get a little pull so he finally slowed down i got down to 3rd gear about 3k rpms and he downshifted and he looked at me as i looked at him and we took off at exact same time we were neck and neck trading leads by no more than a foot untill i got to about 5500 rpms from there on i started pulling away for good until my 6800 but then had to do some heavy braking bc of traffic. it felt great and im sure if i started in 2nd i would of destroyed him but maybe next time. i still gave him a thumbs up for the awesome v10 roar but ofcourse mr cocky didnt. its all on paper i know they make 407 give or take to the wheels and weigh a tad more.

a few weeks ago i was actually trying to play with an r8 but he didn't even acknowledge me it was a v8 i think i could of given him a run for his money.

and just yesterday by far one of my favorites i cruised into these 2 hondas and a 335 bmw slowing down for a race. i slowly creeped on them and when they jumped i went around one honda and got side by side with another just giving him hope i was accelerating away then would let off while he was still giving it its all. i was laughing out the window just teasing him go fast slow down go fast slow down. we stopped at the light and i revved my engine had the bmw and the 2 hondas to my left. i heard them revving and ready to dump the clutch and i thought to myself f it lol. as soon as i saw the lioght turn yellow to red and mine was about to turn green i launched it at 2500 traction kicked in dropped 2nd got it to kick out and pulled a little of third just to let them smell my catless exhaust. and gave them the hazards waited slowed down waited for one of them to step up and nothing. the more id slow down the more they would to.

i know its no competition but hey i like to have fun with those things once in awhile ill give them all a chance until one day one of them has way too much money into it and i get spanked.