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maserati , gto, bmw 650i

This is a discussion on maserati , gto, bmw 650i within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Im coming home from work last night and i find myself in the middle lane with a red 06 maserati ...

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    maserati , gto, bmw 650i

    Im coming home from work last night and i find myself in the middle lane with a red 06 maserati quatropwhatever on my left and a 06 650i on my right.. I do some weaving in traffic to get even with them and the yellow light gods blessed me, and we all are on the front line and the next light is probably a little under a 1/4 mile away.... I look over at the bmw and its a younger guy and hes ready to go, reving and smiling.... we both look over to the maserati and its this blonde hottie maybe mid 30's... i motion for her to roll down the window and say " are you going to try to keep up" she laughs and says " i could do more than keep up"..... the green drops an we all chirp off the line the 650 jumps out in the lead with me and the maserati neck and neck... we get up to about 85 and she let off the gas or got scared that her husband would kill her if she recked his car lol.. I got up to about 100 and i was still about a foot off the 650's bumper and we killed it , the guy in the bmw gave me the thumbs up and turned off, the girl in the mase' shrugged her shoulders and smiled.. good race no cops and good peoples one kill one death

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    that's awesome...would have loved to watch that from above

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    How dose that happen lol. I would have been jumping out of my seat haha !

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    good times man! thats kinda rare to get those kind of cars to race, they seem to be too stuck up

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