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LS1 240SX vs. LT1 TransAM

This is a discussion on LS1 240SX vs. LT1 TransAM within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I decided to take my 240 out for a spin last night to unwind a bit. I drove for about ...

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    LS1 240SX vs. LT1 TransAM

    I decided to take my 240 out for a spin last night to unwind a bit. I drove for about 30 minutes out to the back state roads where nobody was. I did a few throttle runs just to get my fill. I drove for another 5 minutes to a gas station afterward to pick up a drink and some beef jerky. As I parked a green LT1 TransAM rolled up and parked beside me. We both went into the gas station got what we needed and then got in line to pay. The owner of the TransAm behind me in line asked what I had done to my 240 out of the blue. I told him I had a few bolt ons and a cam (kept the V8 part omitted). I asked him, and he said he had bolt ons, heads/cam, stall. So we both exit the gas station and exit to the state road.

    We cruised for a bit, until the guy in the TransAm seemed interested (probably figured out I was running an 8 cylinder by the sound). He gets up next to me and stabs the throttle and lets off to see if I want to play. Sure, I'm interested. I slow down and drop it down to 2nd gear. I just tell him to go, and he hits it. I hit it right after. Top of 2nd I'm a car out. Hit 3rd and I'm really pulling. Shift and ride out 4th and he's about 7-8 cars back.

    He pulls up and says his car didn't downshift to 1st (sounded like it did to me). So he wants to go again. We go to a slower speed and I'm in 1st now (not good for street tires). Lucky for us the road is empty. I tell him to hit it. He does and I follow suit and floor it. He hooks and gets out about 1.5 cars while my 1st gear spins straight up, hit and feather into 2nd to get some traction, no good... still spinning. He's 3.5 cars out. I totally let off then get back on it (now I have traction), I nail 3rd and I'm closing in on his bumper really pulling. I pass him in 3rd, hit 4th and he's 3 cars back. I ride out 4th to about 120mph, and he's back about 7 cars.

    He rolls up again as I slow down, a shouts out, "Wow, that shit is fast... what motor?" I tell him it's an LS1, and give him a thumbs up and cruise away.

    Nothing to exciting, but whatever. I'm curious, do any of you sometimes just go out for a drive?

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    I do it All the time. I find that it's almost relaxing to just go and drive for a while. Nothing better than a little horsepower therapy.

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    Vette,240sx,ls1 camaro

    Nice race!

    Im fixing to get a video of mine vs a Stoked Lt1 I built my buddy. His made 400whp at the dyno a few weeks back.

    At least the guy had a positive attitude!

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    nice runs!

    i always just go out for a drive.

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    I do all the time, its a good way to think about stuff. Dont think to hard though because on a pointless drive you could rearend someone like me and be really pissed lol...

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    man i always go out for a random drive.

    today i saw a 68 shelby clone and followed him back home about a block from where i live, we talked car for a while, you never know what'll happen out there

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    Update... went to an import track meet on Sat. I was only running drag radials, so my times were pretty poor (low 12s, high 11s). On the way back, I raced my buddies B16 turbo hatchback and got raped. I then raced his friends all motor K24 CRX. I figured... V8 vs. I4, motor to motor.... I got this. Nope. He pulled 3 cars on my by 120mph. I also caught up with a turbo Integra (who knows what he had done), he raped me as well. Before I got home I ran a stockish newer Mustang GT, which I spanked, but was so bummed out losing to all these 4 cylinders. Makes me miss my SR monster.

    It's back to the drawing board with this car, no more fucking around. I'm pricing out nitrous kits as we speak.

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    Vette,240sx,ls1 camaro

    Dang! Sounds like you ran into some wicked rides lol.

    I wouldnt go nitrous personally. Hell if you races as many cars as you just listed your bottle would be empty by the 2nd car!

    Be a man! LOL, Put a 76mm turbo on it and whoop some real ass! LOL

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