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LS1 240SX vs. Lamborghini Murcielago

This is a discussion on LS1 240SX vs. Lamborghini Murcielago within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I'm gonna call BS!!! You didn't pull on him by buslenghts and his hot girl didn't want you more than ...

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    I'm gonna call BS!!! You didn't pull on him by buslenghts and his hot girl didn't want you more than she wanted him, so theres no way this is a real story!

    j/k Thats awesome! I was gonna ask what 240 you were driving but then you mentioned something about "opening up the v8." I've buried my speedo before and its something I never wanna do again unless I'm at the track (and obviously have a faster car).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superluminal View Post
    Two good races in one week. Wow!

    Anyway, I was out taking the 240 for a cruise to see a friend. I hoped on the interstate, cruising along.... when this bright orange Lambo is creeping up behind me. I get all excited, and carefully navigate ahead of the traffic, where it's open. Sure enough the Lambo scoots up behind me and follows. I drop it into 3rd gear and hold it there to see if he wants to play. He gets up next to me and it's some older guy and a good looking girl in the car. At first he didn't look over or anything and I didn't think he was going to go. So I put it pack to into 5th, then he guns it. He's already out a car and I throw it back into 3rd, but he's already out. Throw it into 4th, but I can't catch him, and he let's off. His car sounded awesome! That cheap SOB! So he's playing a little chasing game a bit, then in the next clearing, I get up next to him and do the same thing he did to me. I drop to 3rd and hit it. He gets on it too. Shift to 4th and I'm out a car, not really gaining any ground. So that must have upset him, because now he wants to go for real. I get up next to him put it into 3rd and wait, he also drop a gear and waits. Somehow we both nail it at the same time, I ride out 3rd, into 4th, we are door to door the whole time, I shift to 5th (damn overdrive gear... hope the car is light enough to still pull it), and he starts to creep away very slowly. I puss out at about 150mph, at the top of 5th, and let off with him out about car and a half and still creeping away, since that's a bit to fast on the interstate, even with no cars ahead of us (by the way, this is the fastest I've ever been in this car).

    Afterward, I give him the thumbs up and we're cruising for a bit, and we both get off at the same exit. In the turn lane, he asks what kind of car I have. I tell him the basic rundown. He says his car has full exhaust, and that's it. Overall, it was a good run and got my blood churning. Looks like I'm going to need a bit more to pull on a Lamborghini Murcielago.

    Nice... I almost lost control of my bladder you made it sound real. I could even hear the cars running.

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    Damn good story and I love the fact you gave such a good run, that would put me on top of the world for awhile.

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