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Lost to a Mustang leaves me scratching my head.

This is a discussion on Lost to a Mustang leaves me scratching my head. within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; Originally Posted by 02Z I put 4 car lenghts on a 98 cobra from a 70-120 roll at least 3 ...

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    2002 Camaro Z28 6-spd

    Quote Originally Posted by 02Z View Post
    I put 4 car lenghts on a 98 cobra from a 70-120 roll at least 3 times....I am close to stock too.
    Well you're talking about highway rolls. Of course the Z will come out ontop because of the mid-high RPM HP and weight playing less a role than a launch. Mustangs seem to be designed for the 0-60 but not 60-120. I don't even know many other cars that will keep up from 120-150. When I used to be a part of an f-body club, we used to just go upto 145 (ridiculously stupid now that I think about it), and other cars would try to jump in but just seem to disappear in the rear-view within seconds.

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    1999 Camaro SS-M6 #1775

    My friend just bought a 99 mustang GT and it has 96,000 miles on it.
    it is clamed to be stock but I believe it has a new performance clutch. anyway we raced a bit from like a 20 roll and i had trouble with traction, but once i got in to the top of 2nd and 3rd i was gone.

    there is a big difference in power and weight from 98 -99 with the GT's.
    1999 Camaro SS/ Pewter/ #1775 - LS1 6-speed - Predator 3 Custom Tune - Pro 5.0 - LS7 Clutch - 3.90's - Koni's - Strano Springs and Sway Bars - SFC's - Full UMI Chassis and Suspension - LS6 Intake PnP TB - ARH LT's and Kitty Ran Away - Magnaflow.

    12.6 at 112

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    A mustang with 3:73's is going to be quick off the line but it is when they have to hit 3rd gear that is going to be when you start pulling. I used to have a 95 gt with the 5.0 and when I got rid of it I was only dynoing 220hp and 280 lb/ft but I could take a relatively stock ls1 or lt1 off the line. 3rd gear is when I would get pulled on . Now I have the ls1 and my buddy has a stock 93 5.0 with just 3:73's and he stays pretty close until we get to about 60 mph then I pull on him like crazy. Next time race from a roll or race a distance that will require more than 60-70mph and the outcome should be different. Good luck.

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    I hate 1st gear races. They dont mean $hit.
    Re race to 100mph or so (150 if your feeling frisky) and you will put some links on him.
    It sounds like a traction issue, Less horsepower cars will get traction easier.
    So he probally hooked better, also you scratched second pretty hard, that probally cost ya the race.

    Off the subject, a little, but did you say you know the guy, why havent you re raced yet??

    I totally agree with the 3 honk thing, the "honker" always jumps the 3rd honk in every single video I watch on the web.

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    Quote Originally Posted by preston1980 View Post
    I totally agree with the 3 honk thing, the "honker" always jumps the 3rd honk in every single video I watch on the web.
    I always honk, and I always wait for my opponent to jump just because I absolutely hate it when people bitch about not getting the hit. But I don't have videos. ...just letting you know not all honkers (lol, don't be gay) jump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by myk02k View Post
    Ok, I lost to a '99 Mustang GT. We only went from a dig to 60-70 MPH, but 1st time I lose about a car-length, 2nd time it was dead even. I'm going nuts thinking something is potentially wrong with my car, or one of my mods put me back. The only time I lost a little control was the 1st to 2nd shift the 2nd tires smoked a little and I felt like I was on ice for a second or 2. On a Mustang forum they're calling me a bad driver, but it's a fucking A4. Here's the specs on both of us.

    99 Gt 98,000 miles M5 2v 3.73 gears ,alum d/s , Uca+Lca's, 99 Cobra wheels, LOUDMOUTH Catback , Dr Gas X, Accufab T/b + Plenum ,Wingless , Scoopless , and Debadged and only dyno run = 87 pump gas, factory tune, with mods listed and a cold motor 239rwhp@5000rpm 266.8rwtq@4100rpm

    00 Z28 64,000 miles A4 3.23 gears, K&N FIPK, Hooker cat-back, TB Coolant Bypass, Jasper Class 1 4L60E. Ran 91 octane.

    How could I lose??? From the factory I should've had 298 RWHP and 335 RWTQ, guessing @ 310 RWHP and 345 RWTQ modestly.
    What mustang forums was it? Try, people are a lot better there and there are a few LS1/Import drivers there as well.
    You should have handled the GT pretty easily, he definitely has his car setup for short runs. Lower Control Arms, and Upper Control Arms will easily shave a few tenths off a 1/4. The Aluminum drive shaft was probably a 1 piece, in the S197 GT(2005+) they are on average around 40 lbs lighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 40thgtfl View Post
    i have a setup alot like that but without the gears. cars like this are faster than you think. mid 13s at around 103-106. good enough to run with a stock ls1 car.
    13.17 @ 103 with 4.10s, U/D pullies, spec clutch, Alum D/S and a rear seat delete. Stock exhaust, suspension, intake, engine and wheels.

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