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The law

This is a discussion on The law within the Kill Stories forums, part of the Racing Forums category; I don't want to burst anyones bubble, but really do we need to be hearing about neons and g8s in ...

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    The law

    I don't want to burst anyones bubble, but really do we need to be hearing about neons and g8s in this column? I won't even race if it's not a challenge. Oh ya so wanna know what I got Thursday? First a V10 viper truck, with a tire spinnin too much money spendin yupp. Had him by a car before I passed the signal light [whats that about sixty feet]? Oh poor boy he said he spun I said I would have got you anyway. He said no, but wouldn't race again. the next guy was much cooler and actually drove some kind of VW with a big turbo. Put the biggest smile on my face every time he punched it by me. You know the type glasses overweight, very outgoing. Actually kind of kool in a way. Wouldn't it be alot better if he owned the V10 truck! Of corse I killed him, but really he would have taken that truck. Oh and he knew how to drive. The last and best was a guy with a Cobra and he said he had 550 at the wheels. Can't say I beat him, but I got him all through first. He had slicks and might have short shifted, cuz he got passed me at the top of his second. The best one I had this year was a 69 Chevelle and thats one of my all time favorite cars. I was behind and almost redlined third behind him while he was egging me on out the window. Ya that fuck had his arm waving like ya ya you suck. Kind of wish the sexy bitch was with me just cuz. So we get a light and he's saing to me " not bad this is an 11 second car " Im' thinkin no way, cuz mine is a 12 second car. Off the light we both hit it just right and I'm smilin the whole time I pull a car by second and two by third. Oh and he sounded so good, maybe he needs new rings. I have new tires now, too bad it's gonna snow soon... CTSV for the winter?

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    Some nice kills you got there!

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    I don't want to burst your bubble, but maybe you should think about some grammar.

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    Funny how you talk about don't waste our time with silly kills, then you tell us about a couple silly kills of your own, and also insult the looks of one of the drivers....

    Nice race with the Chevelle, tho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4tun8 View Post
    I don't want to burst your bubble, but maybe you should think about some grammar.

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    I'm a diehard domestic ("American Muscle") guy, however there are plenty of Neons that are capable of 12's and faster. Sure, I'd much rather be driving an f-body, however taking down a SRT-4 that has been well modded is a noteworthy achievement for some on this site.

    Now that the aftermarket continues to develop for the G8, I think you'll shortly find that the same holds true for those cars.

    Regarding your runs -- nice kills. I wish I could find some action like that around here!
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    Cool kill with the v10, Never seen one that impressed me.

    The VW and Big turbo means absolutly nothing. You could put a 114Mm turbo on your Ws6 and not pick up much unless you know what your doing.

    Try not to be so cocky with your posts next time. makes you come off as an ass!!!( not saying you are)

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